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  • Comment on Campoli on Canadiens’ flight (2011-10-03 08:32:33)
    His head was down, but it was down the whole time. at no point was is head up after hitting the first Tampa player. I don't know what was under Malones skin, but I am glad to see Gorges stick up for his teammate. If the Habs had a guy that was willing to do that, and could actually fight, Price would not have been run over as much as he was Saturday night.
  • Comment on So what have we got? (2011-10-02 09:27:24)
    Hats off to Gorges. That my friends is a teammate. If we had somone with that sense of "team" who could actually fight, we wouldn't see Price getting shoved into his own net like we did 5 times last night.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gallagher, Bournival returned to junior (2011-10-01 06:57:30)
    I must apologise. I wrote that as soon as I read Gallagher was gone. My meaning was that these guys have been consistently bad with they're decisions. Budaj? Did no one look at his stats before they signed him? Auld was better goalie who seemed happy to be here for less money. What about Drew Macintyre? He now has an agreement with Buffalo that says he will see NHL ice-time this year, all he wanted, a foot in the door. They could have had him up for the year for a few games at lot less money. I happen to know somebody who up until this year was a part of the Habs organization, in a management role.When I asked why the Habs had no real physical presence on the ice his response was that Martin and Gauthier did not believe it was needed. I think we saw how we were pounded around by Boston last year. Sure the Habs were within a goal, but what kinda of shape would they have been in for the next round after being beaten up for 7 games. I am not saying sign a goon, but have a couple of guys who will drop them and are good at it. Gill is a great guy and a super PK defenceman where he just has to stand in a 6 foot circle and swing his 7 foot stick, and he is "great in the room", but he is softer than butter in July and my 9 yr old could skate circles around him. But they bring him back. I like Erik Cole and I do like the Campoli signing and if that one game is any indication, he will fit good. There is more to say, but you get my idea. I didn't mean this one decision was the reason to fire these guys, but I really think the organization, ie. Mr. Molson, should be keeping a watch for some replacements.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gallagher, Bournival returned to junior (2011-09-30 19:16:45)
    I have been a Habs fan all my life, but lately I wonder if the management has any idea what it is doing, Gallagher was the spark this team needed after such a pitiful pre-season. Martin and Gauthier has to go...now
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gallagher, Bournival returned to junior (2011-09-30 11:27:44)
    I will hold back judgement as the real Habs team has not played yet, but please send Budaj back from whence he came.