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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-12 00:22:27)
    first? -DLN
  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-10-09 00:07:48)
    Missing Georges on that Gilbert sopt, and PA didn't impress me however he had a good sheet. Rest of the team looked great but I would try fitting in Tinordi to eventually replace weaver by Christmas. Other than that we're looking pretty good boys. Go Habs Go!!! -DLN
  • Comment on Habs prospects Thomas, de la Rose, Dietz will get another look against Senators (2014-10-03 11:33:26)
    Starting lineups oct 8th. P.A-DD-Patch Galy-Plec-Chuky Secak-Eller-Bourque Weisse-Mally-Prust Markov-Gilly Subang-Emelin Baulieu-Weaver Price is right. (parenteau will be moved down by December) A center spot will be made available for chucky by new years. -DLN
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 02:03:31)
    Thanks for an amazing year! I'll miss these while i'm gone. See yall next year. GHG!!!! -DLN
  • Comment on Michel Therrien: Habs kept battling and ‘never quit’ (Video) (2013-12-18 00:23:11)
    Great end of game. DD Finally looking confident out there again. Too bad Briere isn't movable, I'd rather see him walk than Gionta at the end of the season. Either way, we need to loose at least one of our small guys if we expect to go anywhere come postseason. There's no way MB is watching is and feeling satisfied. -DLN
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-06 01:20:13)
    I can't help but think that Therrien is holding off Subbans Time on Ice So he can have him full for the second half of the season and the playoffs. Also, we can't forget that nasty sandwitch PK found himself in on that boarding call at the end of the third. He got up alright, but who knows if he was nursing something. Either way, Big one pointer against such a great team. Man those guys are fast. -DLN
  • Comment on ‘I’m taking nothing for granted,’ Gallagher says heading into second season (2013-08-28 12:48:15)
    We're getting to that worst part of the year. CAN IT START ALREADY!!! -DLN
  • Comment on Chelios becomes 45th Habs player enshrined in Hall of Fame (2013-07-10 11:53:47)
    People need to calm down on the DD moving. Look I don't think he fits on this team either, but you have to see that he's scheduled to be be here long after Both Gionta AND Brieres contracts are up. I think we're forgetting the awesome chemistry Patch and DD created over the last few years, not to mention he's only 26! We need someone to embody the cole from two years ago, so that we can get that COle-DD-Patch line resurrected. All we did was loose one piece of that, and the weaker piece in my opinion. (THAT WAS OUR FIRST LINE....in our worst year lol) If MB has no plans of resigning Gionta, then trade him for a pick or prospect b4 the trade deadline. Giving us then Eller -Plec- Briere Patch-DD- Bourque Morrow -Chuky- Ghaly Prust- Leblanc -Parros Scratch:(Moen,Dumont,Blunden) Knowing MT he will also switch up lines DURING the game to throw the other team off. in D It's a whole other problem. We need someone to take minutes off Boullion that's big and ready to rock bodies. Suban-Gorges Markov-Emelin Diaz-Tinordi? (boullion, Drewiskie) Take note that Next year is a contract year for Markov, Subban, Diaz, emelin, bouillon.) -DLN
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-04 21:51:09)
    I'm ok with the pickup. and two years is perfect. But my question is this. Potential top 3 Centers: Plec,DD,Eller,Glachy,briere. (Playing Briere on the wing will be a mistake) I don't see DD leaving because MB extended him himself. DD and Patch is something he believes in deeply. Briere had two other teams interested. NJ and NSH. If NJ is crazy enough to pick up their friendly Gionta at two years 5 mil, we can make something happen here. Galchy will play wing i think next year but I wish we could start giving him a taste of top 2 center. -DLN
  • Comment on Bring on the Senators! (2013-04-28 22:03:19)
    Thursday??????? -DLN