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  • Comment on Subban No. 23 in THN’s top-50 player rankings; Price No. 48 (2013-08-17 11:39:05)
    The J-sonic add makes me avoid this site.
  • Comment on Finally! (2011-03-29 12:07:54)
    Mostly Because that would be a disaster, Cam might make sense, he's been passing better than shooting. also why split subban/wiz it was working and they can both shoot.
  • Comment on Eller to play centre (2010-10-23 18:35:49)

    Eller has talent. He just can't do it without linemates. See: Pleckanec, Thomas circa 2007-2008

  • Comment on Eller to play centre (2010-10-23 18:09:47)


    Why do players on this team have to prove themselves by supporting an entire line?

    eller is not a fourth liner. putting him on the 3rd with pouliot and lappiere makes a lot more sense thank putting him with two pluggers.

    How is eller supposed to succede?



    What the f*** is he supposed to do. why does a top 6 prospect need to prove himself on the fourth line where his skillset is not ideal for that kind of play. Is marting out to destroy his confidence?

    Is he such a dinosaur thsat he doesn't understand that Pouliot has no confidence, O'byrne has no confinece, soon eller wont either. That's what happens when you don't give them any by punishing thwm as soon as they screw up. the way he is dealing with subban is completely opposite. is he giving him too much leash? i don't think so but maybe. However, look at subban's confidence, you give him opportunity to succede and correct him when he fails. CORRECT him, not Punish. there is a huge difference.

    Pouliot is given 2 games to get into shape. why not try Eller on that line, what is pyatt or moen going to accomplish?

    Why is Boucher so successful? The time of old men coaching is over. the one's who are successful have adapted, there's no more of this my way or the highway mentality,


    Good managers know how to get the best out of their players but recognising their skills and putting them in positions to succede. Carbo didn't do that, MArtin does not do that.


    The number one reason business (or any team) is unsuccessful is putting the wrong people in the wrong positions.


    That being said:






    Or Cammy-Gio-Gomez (hasn't worked previously)



    Or Eller-Gomez-Gio

    Either way these all make way more sense than the using a skilled puck posesion playmaker on the fourth line with two 10 goal players.

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  • Comment on The new Captain is 0-1 (2010-09-30 20:41:30)

    as funny as that is it's been 2 years now, maybe time to let that go.

  • Comment on The new Captain is 0-1 (2010-09-30 20:39:47)

    Hey, how come benoit brunet is commenting? i thought he got canned.

  • Comment on Audio: Slim pickings from morning skate (2010-05-18 15:05:19)

    My girlfriend just had an really smart idea: What if o'byrne is injured? it's the only thing that makes sense.

    That or he stole another purse.

  • Comment on Sorry, but size DOES matter (2010-05-17 22:00:41)

    Oh and happy birthday.

  • Comment on Sorry, but size DOES matter (2010-05-17 20:02:51)

    Now now dave, you're the last person to criticize anyone for being a bandwaggonner, a pessimist, a penguins fan, a buzzkill or a communist.

    And your sister is hot.