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  • Comment on Poof! No more CKAC Sports (2011-09-02 20:55:00)
    Listen, I'm not arguing about shifting trends in transmitting information. I'm just saying that to say "meh sh*t happens" is insensitive to the numerous people now out of a job. It implies that it's inconsequential, which it certainly is not.
  • Comment on Poof! No more CKAC Sports (2011-09-02 17:54:18)
    That's great news, those guys are good broadcasters. I'm hoping that 990 will step up their game, but like someone said below, it does often sound pretty amateurish. If I were a francophone Quebecer who didn't speak english well, I'd be pretty peeved at this development. There's nothing like listening to mind-numbing sports radio while at work.
  • Comment on Poof! No more CKAC Sports (2011-09-02 16:57:55)
    Ron Fournier's show was hilarious, I will miss listening to his post-game hysteria; best of luck to them moving forward. I hope they give Fournier the post-game show on the 98.5.
  • Comment on Poof! No more CKAC Sports (2011-09-02 16:56:16)
    Why don't you tell that to everyone who's out of a job? That you didn't listen to the station doesn't change the fact that they had some good programming and sports talk. Terribly insensitive comment, I'm surprised the moderators allowed this.