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    The article's mine, and so is the blame I imagine. Hockey is such a random sport played on a slippery surface that its inevitable that luck plays a major factor. This typically averages out but occassionally a player who was playing essentially the same either gets a massive favour from random forces or gets buried by them. In recent Habs history Kovalev was a major beneficiary in his 84 point season while last season Gomez and Gionta seemed to have pissed off the hockey gods. Generally speaking, a guy that generates lots of shots and scoring chances is doing very well regardless of his point totals. This is more the case in the NHL where skill levels are more even but also applies to lesser leagues. I sincerely doubt that Leblanc's finishing skill is so mediocre compared to the QMJHL level that a lack of talent explains the lesser production so luck seems a valid explanation at this point. Leblanc seems good enough to make it as an NHLer, but your very right that he's been overhyped in certain quarters. I'd be extremely surprised if he ever gets better than around 20 goals and 45 points in a season (i.e. a typical Kostitsyn year) which is about right for a complimentry 2nd line forward. He could easily end up just a decent third unit guy or bust out entirely.