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Favorite current player: Cary Price
All-time favorite player: Saku Koivu

"Watch the Cannucks!? Yea right....HABS all the way baby!!"

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    Another interesting story. This time about a hockey commentator. Many years ago my brother went to Eatons to a Dick Irvin book signing. The initial rush had subsided and Dick was alone at his table as my brother approached. After Dick had signed his book, he was asked: "Hey Dick, why is it that when the Habs are seen nationally on the CBC, Bob Cole does the play by play and not you? Well I guess that is a head office decision blah, blah (I forget a bit of this) Essentially Dick was very diplomatic in his response. My brother paused for a moment and replied: " But Dick, Bob is a waste of sperm!!" Supposedly, Dick nearly pissed himself laughing!! As he tried to speak a few more diplomatic words in defence of Bob Wow, to be present for that would have been unforgetable! All those who agree that Bob Cole is a waste of sperm say "Aye!!" "Watch the Cannucks!? Yea right....HABS all the way baby!!"
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    I have heard alot about the book but have yet to ask the wife to buy it for me! Only so much Habs stuff can be bought at a time for x-mas and birthdays. My 2 boys have left me enough time to start another Habs book twice. Its been months since I picked it up. Not even sure where it is. "Watch the Cannucks!? Yea right....HABS all the way baby!!"
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    A few years ago. A few Old Habs were in town at a Vancouver Giants game. They were on a tour in rememberance of the 72 summit series. Yvan C #12 was with them. I knew him from eating at his brasserie often in Lachine Qc with my dad many years ago. I never saw him play (too young) But alot of fond memories with my now deceased dad had been made there over roast beef. There was a raffle at the game to get a chance for an autograph. I somehow had 20 tickets but had no luck for a winner. I was wearing my brand new vintage white jersey and was determined to get it signed. I waited with my 4 year old son and watched till the last person went through and got his autographs. I looked at the guy in charge and said, "I only want 1 autograph, his" as I pointed to Yvan. He looked around nervously, as if we were about to do a drug deal, and nodded to me! I whipped of the jersey, had no idea where my son was!, and handed it to him. He asked me to hold it and gave me the nicest autograph ( it was legable!) I own. We spoke about his restaurant while he signed the jersey. It was an awesome night!!
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    I agree Kungpowchicken! Awesome post from Surry Habitant.