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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-14 08:38:54)
    I think Chucky - Eller - Desharnais w/ Patches - Pleks - Gally on 2nd PP could be really dangerous
  • Comment on Plekanec’s advice to Galchenyuk: Don’t buy into the hype (2012-11-24 09:49:48)
    Oh and to answer your question, they like to push the pace. In one of the games I seen this past week vs ice caps, they produced 46 shots and had 3 forecheckers at most times.
  • Comment on Plekanec’s advice to Galchenyuk: Don’t buy into the hype (2012-11-24 09:45:07)
    I wouldn't worry too much about the dogs. Granted, yes, they do have a lot of guys who produced in junior, but this is the pro's, son (sorry, felt like I had to add that there on the end). Combine that with an NHL lockout and it doesn't make it easier. However, Gallagher and Tinordi look real good. Maybe not in PPG, but you can really notice Gallagher always in the right spots, or utilizing his skill and strength forcing the puck towards the net. And Tinordi knows his role, noticed him always pushing people out of the crease, grinding the corners and even some nice breakout passes. We have the tools, we just need patience.
  • Comment on New offer “about as good” as NHLPA can do (2012-11-21 15:32:53)
    Thats a normal crowd. The ice caps have sold out every game since coming into the league last year Tinordi was okay. Took a tough penalty in the early minutes but looked to be doing all the little things right. It seems as if he's still trying to get a feel for things, not being too agreesive or too conservative. Looked confident in the corners, so he is coming right along. Same with beaulieu, had some great breakout moments at one point deked through 3 guys for a breakaway, but took some bad penalties and seemed to rush things at times. Which id expect from a young offensive guy. So no worries, everything seems ok, just have to remember most of these guys are projects.
  • Comment on New offer “about as good” as NHLPA can do (2012-11-21 15:17:55)
    Brendan Gallagher goal on the PP last night, enjoy.
  • Comment on Habs, Price feeling sick after fantasy loss to Devils (2012-11-20 21:43:39)
    Very ugly game. Nobody showed up in the first, very chippy, and hamilton ran into penalty trouble all game. Beaulieu looked really good at times but also took 2 bad penalties. At one point he got really frustrated playing the point on the PP, smashing his stick against the ice wanting the puck. Tinordi was decent did all the little things right. There was also 2 fights! Hagel got filled in right in front of us by mahachek, but I was yelling to much to even think of the getting a snapshot. Ellis also had a small tilt and ended up on the bottom at the end. I did manage to get a vid of the gallagher goal on the PP, nice takeaway followed by a drive to the net. The kid is going to have a legit shot at the NHL someday. His skill set combined with his determination, heart, character, and sandpaper (always in front of the net or in the corners) will get him there. Anyways Ill post a link of the vid tomorrow.
  • Comment on NHL talks put on hold for at least one day (2012-11-20 15:43:45)
    Game day...AHL style....yeah I know still not the same feeling, but I'm excited to see the dogs come to town. As a season ticket holder for the ice caps, I've had this day circled on my calender for quite some time. I'm hoping to snap some photos and vids of the kids in action, will post upon return!
  • Comment on Canadiens draft Collberg, Thrower in second round; Bozon in third (2012-06-23 11:59:56)
    I thought our 5th was traded with Cammy and Ramo to the flames? ...sans jersey.
  • Comment on Liveblog: It’s Devils vs. Kings for the Stanley Cup (2012-05-25 21:00:15)
    I was saying "boo-urns". ..Actually I was saying "Holy crap, Bournival and Ellis are legit." Bergevin has got to be liking what he is seeing there tonight
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings take opener 4-2 in Phoenix (2012-05-13 20:10:53)
    Surprisingly enough, that comment about chipchura is true. I watched him a couple times this past year playing against the icecaps and he was a factor every shift.