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  • Comment on Merry CHristmas from HIO! (2011-12-26 01:30:59)
    A Merry Xmas to all Hab fans, old and new, young and old. Keep the faith and always know that as faithful followers of the Habs we stand united for decades to come. We are family and have much to cheer for. Never ever ever give up my friends. From the desk of Kungpow in BC who grew up in Lachine, QC. Looking forward to watching the Habs in Vancouver in March! I remember watching Carey Price in Kelowna when he played for Tri City, also, watched Duncan Keith in Penticton and Kelowna, Shea Weber in Kelowna and Malkin at the World Junior's in Kelowna. Such great history...but the best was the Habs as a kid at the Montreal Forum .... yes!!! First game was a Habs win vs. the Blues 7-2. Sat high in the blues but it was great! Will never forget it..didnt want to blink to miss one second of action. Remember the first second of action as i entered the forum and was mesmerized....still am at age 45. Some things will never change. My love for the Habs is one of those things. Thank God for RDS!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-11-17 23:30:10)
    Kungpow did NOT like the Habs 2 nite. Budaj was playing shinny and the habs looked like Columbus. Kungpow expects more from his habs...yeesh!!!!
  • Comment on Coyotes, with strong penalty kill, set for Habs (2011-11-10 01:38:04)
    Bring on Price's cousin, Shane Doan and all the folks from the desert. Habs are due for an offensive outburst....the Desert Dogs will not stand a chance. Fall is upon us...and with it comes success. Kungpow likes our chances.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-27 00:59:20)
    Kungpow loves our new 4th line...just what the Dr. ordered. This provides great strength to the rest of the team - and confidence - so they can focus on what they do best. Also, more focus on the pp and defensive play by the 2 new asst coaches....this is the real deal folks....our habs are back, baby!!!!!!!! Spicey habs!!!!
  • Comment on The Cup is ours! (2011-10-24 02:31:35)
    Kungpow loves muffin tops....but for some reason, i feel like all i have been eating lately are muffin stumps....i usually get this feeling after watching yet another hab loss.....please, habs, and i beg you....give me that muffin top feeling really soon.... you can keep the stumps.....NO MORE STUMPS!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-23 01:37:58)
    Wow...tonight our team reminded me of the Kansas City Scouts or the Capitals from 1974...i can still recall beating the Caps back 10-0 as a kid and really enjoying it! I cannot believe we are last place in the East....wow.....NEVER thought this would happen to the Habs. Gotta change things NOW. Only sleeping pills and poutine with extra cheese and ice cold coke will help me now.....burp!!!
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 18:39:20)
    Look for a good ole fashioned Penguin beatdown tonight folks. The Habs are mad and desperate to show who they are. Enuff is enuff. Watch, live and learn....you heard it here first. Kungpow ain't no fans of ice birds, I tell ya. Sick it to 'em boyz!
  • Comment on Multimedia: Coach accentuates the positive (2011-10-19 02:50:26)
    Tuff decision....but have to make it. Gonna focus on the Als till end of november as the habs just dont have it right now and it could get alot worse before it gets better. Calvillo was a star tonight showing up at the game and we should all be proud of him. There is a time for everything folks and right now, in mid October, is not the time for the habs to shine. Lots of changes needed and they will come....starting with a change in coach. I will be patient and i love my habs but cannot waste time watching these guys till they got it figured out - so kungpow will take a little break till these boys deal with the obvious.... then, as soon as snow starts falling and the Als have won another grey cup....bango! i am back, baby!!!!! The final days of coach Jack are here...call me when he is gone. It wont take long...trust kungpowchicken.....he is all knowing.
  • Comment on Flames flicker to start season (2011-10-13 01:19:48)
    Kungpowchicken likes 2 things. Spicey chicken and Hot Habs. I am in for a treat tomorrow night as Carey will shutout the flameless flames and Cole will be 1st star in his Hab homecoming...watch and see folks....a 4-0 victory will be ours for the taking. You can say a big thank you in advance for Mr. Price who is our outstanding contributor to great success. Go Habs! Time to kick some flame.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-09 02:05:09)
    Kunpowchicken loves the Habs but is sensing a troubling trend that started in Toronto the other night that should result in: 1. A defensively challenged team - leading to more GAA and high frustration to Carey Price. 2. Lack of team cohesion not being assisted by the lack of leadership present which will lead to: 3. The firing of Jackie boy by Remberance Day as the team will crumble that fast my friends....but...good news..... 4. A new saviour will present himself thereby stunning all fans and providing stabilty and glee to all hab fans by mid January. It will be a saga my friends. The drama and stakes will be high, but thankfully it is a long season and we will stick by our habs thru this thick and thin period...have faith and trust and in Molson we trust!