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  • Comment on About last night … (updated after Sunday afternoon game) (2013-03-18 09:33:35)
    1st- max-trade desharnais-gallagher 2nd-Galchenyuk-pleks-bourque 3rd-prust-eller-ryder 4th-trade moen-white-blunden no need of colby, gionta, moen and desharnais Desharnais is playing well but don't fool yourself, not a center you're going to win the cup with if hes on the top two lines and no room for him on the 3rd or fourth line. we need-top center and a fourth liner with tinordi coming up next year at the latest i think our d is strong. two pieces and i think we are a cup team.
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  • Comment on Happy birthday to the MVC (2011-08-16 16:34:06)
    All ive wanted since 93 is another cup. Ive watched more slow games than i care to say and my desire for a cup grew with my frustration. But now i really don't care.(im lying) With Price and PK on the roster im having more fun watching hockey now than i ever did before. (except for 93) This tandem in my opinion is one of the best in the game for quality and entertainment, Pk taking a huge piece of the entertainment pie. The penguins in my opinion tops that list, with wash and Chicago fallowing but what fun. Chelios has always been my favorite player but im a little bit reluctant to admit that Pk is not only my favorite player but also the most exciting player for me to watch in hockey. As fans we are blessed to have them. P.S. Mr. Molson New management plz, yes that means the coach too.
  • Comment on From his keyboard to No. 11′s ears (2011-08-14 10:31:30)
    This is my first entry, i don't usually do this but i had a good time reading other blogs so i thought i would try it out. first i like to say im a horrible speller who dosent care about spell check. thanks. Secondly i would like to state that the management bothers me to no end. For the last 10 to 15 years we have been a middle of the pack team with no major push for the cup. i almost feel like we should boycott the molson center. Unlike other years we have a solid core, Price, pk, goerges and hopefully max. I think we should trade everyone else for draft picks(1) and young talent so in 2 to 3 years we could do a serious push.