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  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-13 11:26:49)
    I'm so relieved that Cammy is traded. This is the start of a clean up and I'm glad to we gat a grittier player in Rene Bourque. Now let's ship out Gomy and A.K who is only playing better as of late for a new contract. He won't fool me! Hope we can bring in Derrick Brassard. As for P.K Subban does he have a mouth or what? Hope he grows up quickly. PG in my opinion is a great GM and suitable for the habs needs. I hate it when people speculate too much that one GM said that he was interested in Cammy if he had only known. That's BS in my book because if you are interested in a player you have a telephone that you can pick up and call. I for one was certain that Cammy would soon be traded so how is it that this GM had no clue. Anyhow a new era has just begun and I see many bright spots with this organization except that we couldn't support and keep Cunnyworth because of stupid politics which has stained this organization for the past 2 decades at least.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Martin out, Cunneyworth in as Habs fire head coach (2011-12-18 16:15:11)
    Jacque Martin was the best coach for this team as well as all the coaches before him that coached the habs. The problem is with multi million dollar contact players who have lost the passion to play and who want to play it safe and don't sweat or push for the extra inch. In the nect CBA I would prefer to change the way contract agreements are written. You perform you get paid you don't perform we slice your salary or something to that effect. We the fans pay too much money for several clowns who want to to take advantage of us and the game it makes me and many others sick to our stomach. What if the average working person delivers only half their duty day in and day out what excuse would you tell your boss that you've lost your touch or confidence as they put it? Cammalleri has done shit this season and he's always being excused but I wonder why the media is scared to address it plainly instead they beat around the bush, I woder why?
  • Comment on Habs visit dying Ducks (2011-11-30 18:37:15)
    Why keep Cammelleri? He fans on passes, causes terrible turn arounds and plays like a Sissy with a capital S. Were paying this punk 6 million bucks! Then we have the other bum Castro Gomez who uses his mouth betterthan he uses his stick. The other goof that I'd like to see packing is AK 46 do I need to say why? Get rid of these bums and we will free up a shitload of money and use it wisely for upcoming UFC'S and give our younger players more ice time. I so tired of fans and media who keep making excuses for their poor hockey passion but like the paycheck they keep recieving.Listen to how silly these excuses are I've heard that their injured or that their rusty or that their confidence is low you know I realy think that they should be playing in the womes league with lipstick and purses under their armpit. PG please bring in some real men!!!!
  • Comment on Game 1: Canadiens come out flat in loss to Leafs (2011-10-06 17:29:37)
    Here we go again the Maple Laughs will bully themselves to a win tonight. Thanks to a dinosaur called Burky for bringing the Maple Laughs back to the ice age. Don't worry Hab fans because we will always get the last laugh. Ha Ha Ha
  • Comment on Momesso, Dollas round out Team 990 crew (2011-09-13 13:28:25)
    Realy you prefer Melnik in the afternoon you must like Bob Dylan and Schwatz smoke meat and listening to Lauren Reuben consulting Melnik regarding his investments and assets. What is that new commercial running on the Team 990 that melnik says the F**K OFF word. I'm sure that Melnik is happy with fans just like you who enjoy listening to Bob Dylan and banjo tunes. I'll stick with Tony Marinaro who keeps us multi-cultural montrealers well informed about the habs and yes about every other sporting event that is meaningful.
  • Comment on The sound of one hand punching? (2011-09-03 19:36:57)
    Let me guess before BGL signed his 3 year $ 4.5 million dollar he promised to fill that role and after he got his money he changed his mind. What does that tell any one that's at least a bit intelligent? That's what I thought also! It made me sick to my stomach seeing that he already made a fool out of Bob Gainey but continued to be a distraction in the dressing room. BGL didn't give any interest at all to help his team he was always in it all for himself. So here's my message to you BGL you fooled a few but as for the majority of us fans we will always have an upset stomach every time your name pops up. That's how you will be remembered!
  • Comment on Red frets about the D (2011-08-25 18:02:44)
    Is it not Red who's been always writing that the habs will not make the playoffs and guess what he's alsways wrong. Time to hang them up Red.
  • Comment on Something different for a Monday (2011-08-22 17:56:05)
    Although I admire Gomez I honestly can't see him realy improving much from last year's complete flop and thus will be traded before the deadline. As fo A.K I would be delighted to see him packaged and sent to visit his brotherin nashville. I never understood why so many out there are afraid of the thought of losing him. A.K always fans on the shot makes poor hockey decisions and takes real stupid penalties and often goes into streaky deoughts. It beats me how in the world he's awarded over 3 million dollars. I don't care if he plays well next year just get rid of him and bring in a canadian born player that has passion to bring it and win it.
  • Comment on Another view of Gomez (2011-08-17 15:06:21)
    Montreal will fight for another playoff spot in 2012, We must consider that other competing teams in the east have also improved their roster. There are many question regarding the habs success this year. Let's start with Gomez who in my opinion is setting himself up for a trade before the deadline. As for A.K who can realisticaly suggest that he will be around much longer. Will MaxPac be the same after his injury? How about the uncertainties with Gorges and Markov. The list goes on and on.... So in my humble opinion I realy feel that the habs will struggle to make the playoffs. Thank Goodness we have Price.
  • Comment on From his keyboard to No. 11’s ears (2011-08-13 13:33:46)
    A.K's slump began after he was placed on the second line which was an attempt by JM to boost the 2nd line scoring. I cannot possibly recall how many games these streches of slumps are but they are frequent. It just boggle's me that he blames the coach for his underachievement eventhough JM has used A.K on the top 2 lines for 80% of the entire season. How can that make any sense at all.