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  • Comment on Markov suffers setback in rehab: Report (2011-09-15 16:00:34)
    I'm a big Markov fan and hope he makes a full recovery as quickly as possible. With him the Habs are a shoe-in for the playoffs and a threat to go deep. Without him? Not so much. That said: if he doesn't play this season, again, because of his wonky knee than Pierre Gauthier must be held accountable for putting his faith and ownership's money into damaged goods.
  • Comment on Markov suffers setback in rehab: Report (2011-09-15 15:54:05)
    Yeah, the problem with that of course is, who is going to teach Chara a lesson? Unless someone teaches Georges St. Pierre how to skate I just don't see that happening.
  • Comment on Markov suffers setback in rehab: Report (2011-09-15 15:48:17)
    Bertuzzi committed one of the most violent and cowardly acts in NHL history. To suggest, as HardHabits does that there is some comparison between what he did and Steve's Moore's hit on Markus Naslund, which by the standards of the day was clean if questionable, is ludicrous. Moore has suffered permanent physical injury and brain damage from Bertuzzi's actions. Someone - whether it's the Canucks or Bertuzzi - should pay for what happened to him. And, as much as I think Chara deserved a lengthy suspension for the Pacioretty hit, the Bertuzzi assault on Moore was definitely worse. Oh yeah, and Bertuzzi only has a "clean record" since then because the NHL declined to suspend him for a headshot he threw in late March. Their reasoning? By their definition, Bertuzzi had a "clean record" and therefore didn't merit a suspension. This, I might point out, is the same idiotic explanation the league offered for not suspending Chara. Someone needs to point out to these brain surgeons that if you never punish someone because they have a clean record, they will always have a clean record and therefore never be punished.
  • Comment on Markov not on the radar (2011-09-06 15:22:07)
    You said it. I used to like Ference - I will never forgive him for the total lack of class he demonstrated in the playoffs.
  • Comment on Chara hit goes to crown prosecutor (2011-08-11 10:01:49)
    This court case is going nowhere. It was, unfortunately, up to the dolts who run the NHL to do something about this, and as they have so many times before (and already since), they blew it. Big time. One can only hope that with Brendan Shanahan in charge of discipline now things might change. But I'm not holding my breath.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 16:40:24)
    People also seem to forget that Koivu was in the midst of a breakout season scoring more than a point per game when he suffered his first serious injury. He never fully recovered.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 14:05:26)
    I think there are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, there's no doubt it became easy and fashionable for journalists to rip Kovalev for lazy play, and so I can understand his frustration at being constantly singled out. In Ottawa, it certainly seemed to me that Clouston did not use him appropriately and in this interview he's suggesting that Clouston was not an effective communicator. So maybe the fact things didn't go well was not all Kovalev's fault. On the other hand, as a Habs' fan, there certainly seemed to me to be too many nights when he wasn't going full out. So he brought the criticism on himself to some degree. Two observations 1) When he was interested in the game, he was beautiful to watch. He may have been the most skilled guy in the league and while he had a good career as it was, you have to think that if he'd put forth a more consistent effort, he would've put up hall of fame numbers. 2) Reading between the lines over the years, I've often wondered if Kovalev doesn't suffer from depression. He seemed to be a guy who would get down on himself and/or become unhappy with his situation and have a hell of a time shaking out of his funks. It could be that what the media and fans took for laziness was just Kovalev being depressed.