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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-13 10:24:12)
    Since it was a game against a Western opponent, I was finally able to watch a week night game! Unfortunately, I watched it with a Oiler fan. My 2 cents. Toker was not "Ridiculous" as my Oiler fan proclaimed. He got lucky and I give him credit for not giving up... but if that was Price, there would not have been so many quality 2nd and 3rd chances due to rebounds. On the one save, the Oiler forward took the rebound and fired it the only place he shouldn't have... dead center, pad height. If he managed to lift it up, or not hit the fat part of the net, Toker would not have made a "brilliant" leg save. Similarly, the down and out glove save, same idea. Big rebound, scramble, Oiler shoots it the only place Toker had a chance to get it. Good on Toker to stay with it and knock it down... but still, the Oilers should have iced that game with all their quality chances. It wasn't despite our goalie, it was inspite of their inability to capitalize on our poor defensive play and our backup goalie with monster rebounds. I had to remind my friend that our best player, and arguably the best player in the league, was not on the ice the entire game and they still just won.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-24 13:06:14)
    Workers which support exploration have already taken a decent hit (drillers, for example) and there has been some considerable fat trimming in a few of the larger oil companies (suncor). I haven't heard of any cuts to the design or construction of current oil and gas projects, but that would be just a matter of time now. It hasn't seemed to impact municipal works yet. It is still fairly early in the oil price plunge and there has not been as many knee jerk reactions as in 2009 when the price per barrel hit $60. One thing is for certain, alberta is very uneasy right now.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Ducks edge Canadiens on Saku Night (2014-12-18 20:59:14)
    Ok, seriously!! Without there being a game last saturday, I have not seen my beloved Canadiens in two weeks!!! I have been a 75+ games a year guy (thank you PVR) for the last 4 years... WTF... I hate you Rogers/NHL Television Rights!!! Oh, and way to get the blue jays into "near the top 10 in payroll" too, ROGERS!!! CHEAP D WAD .... so... How is everyone? Do you mind if I live vicariously through your eyes until the next National game?
  • Comment on Thomas Vanek and Wild up next for Canadiens (2014-12-02 12:05:12)
    I was about to post the following question on the last thread... then thought I should check for a new thread, just in case! There is lots of talk of AG moving to Center. Why not put him there on the PP to start? give him a chance to show his skills off in a low pressure, low defensive responsibility role first. See what that looks like. Aside from the face off, he would be a better option than DD right now I haven't watched a lot lately due to regional black outs, so I merely commenting based on the comments about DD on this site.
  • Comment on HI/O Fan Summit comes to town as Canadiens take on Sabres back-to-back (2014-11-28 15:42:48)
    That is what I originally thought, but then I started doing some reading. More than once I read that you should not use speakers which have a lower impedance than what the reciever is rated for. Being that the current speakers are 3 ohm, is there a risk that I might cause the receiver to over heat (although, it seems almost comical that these little speakers would draw that much current)? I have a basic understanding of electrical design from my Engineering undergrad courses, but I think this limited knowledge is impeding my current understanding... Ohm, that was a fun play on words!
  • Comment on HI/O Fan Summit comes to town as Canadiens take on Sabres back-to-back (2014-11-28 14:53:10)
    You know, I generally dislike him and find his commentary to always be negative... but lately, he seems to have a giant man-crush on Price and has nothing but positive things to say about him (well, usually it is a negative thing about the opposition not being able to beat Price... but still...)
  • Comment on HI/O Fan Summit comes to town as Canadiens take on Sabres back-to-back (2014-11-28 14:46:21)
    Any Audiophiles kicking around here today? Sorry, this is not directly related to hockey... I want to start upgrading my home theater system. I currently have a bravia home theater in a box system and I was wondering what the best way to go about changing pieces would be? Can I switch out the front speakers and maintain the center, surround, and subwoofer (to replace later). Should i look to do speakers and receiver/amplifier too (but then can I use the existing speakers to fill out the rest of the 5 speaker system)? I am also confused about the spec ratings on my current gear. The system is rated for 200 W (rms) per channel at 3 ohms and all the speakers are rated for 3 ohms. This does not seem like a common thing... being that most receivers in my price range are rated at <100W (rms) and 6-8 ohms. There is no way my little system is "better" than these other systems, but I am not sure how to interpret the specs. My ear says I need better speakers and my brain is telling me an upgrade in receiver would probably help too. Thoughts? anyone?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Desharnais scores in OT to beat Wings 2-1 (2014-10-21 20:16:17)
    I forget who mention habsonlinetvblogspot today, but I am there and every feed either prompts my antivirus or is asking me to "store information" on my computer... what is up with that? I deny the storage request, but the prompt does not leave my screen oh, switch to Chrome... all good. I better not get a virus from this or I am blaming you guys (that is what she said..)
  • Comment on Alexei Emelin in lineup, Nathan Beaulieu out for Habs against Bruins (2014-10-16 11:31:33)
    Oh balls. I tried to reply to someone in Alberta about tonights game. If you are in Alberta and get SN360, you will see the game. The person stated they hope the game is not blacked out. So far, only one game has been not available but it could be found on the free preview of center ice. I have not missed a game yet... that will end soon enough I am afraid.
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur could be a good fit with Habs: Damphousse (2014-09-09 15:48:05)
    My cat's name is Fenwick. (oops, I meant to post that below as a response to What is a Fenwick)