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    Paul Mara
  • Comment on Cole is happy to be a Hab (2011-07-15 09:07:31)
    Thats true but this looks like the year we can actually do it with having a good amount of cap space. Next year we have to sort out Price and Subban. I know we will be rid of Spacek but those two will more than cover that loss. Also A.Kost will up in the air. It really depends on this season for him. I dont know but it seems like this is the year we can afford to spend that second round pick on upgrading the team come deadline. This all depends how we are doing in the standings though. I'm not saying throw it away if were in 6th-9th. But if were up at the top of the pack and PG can pull the trigger on someone, I'll be more than happy.
  • Comment on Cole is happy to be a Hab (2011-07-15 08:57:25)
    I'd be thrilled with that contract. With that and White signing for 650,000 we would still have a bunch of cap space. I say start Engqvist on the 4th. Don't sign some veteran center and save the cap space. Come trade deadline grab a fairly good rental and see what happens.
  • Comment on Cole is happy to be a Hab (2011-07-15 08:27:26)
    I'm so excited to see Cole play with this team. The more I read about him the more I like him. Even if he doesn't produce right away he's going to be a high energy player on the ice right from the start. You're not going to find many games where he disappears. If he can play his game by hitting and going to the net the offence will come, for him and his line.
  • Comment on Cole is happy to be a Hab (2011-07-15 08:10:57)
    Definitely a good read. I wouldn't mind seeing him start with the team this year. I feel we have a good deep and balanced team right now. Give the last spot to him and give him a bit of slack - he should pan out.
  • Comment on The kids are alright (2011-07-08 14:25:28)
    hahaha that was actually really funny.. I'm not a John Lu fan either .. friggin guy.
  • Comment on The kids are alright (2011-07-08 12:04:54)
    IMHO I can't see Semin bonding with our guys that well. Sure he's a hell of a player but I cant see the chemistry with any of our current players. Theres just something about him I don't like. For that cap hit and what we would give up.. no thank you.
  • Comment on The kids are alright (2011-07-08 11:05:47)
    And AK started off the season great last year. I think starting him off on the 3rd line he won't. But thats fine. It is the spot for him. I don't doubt he'll put up 20 and when he does I'll be thankful and thats good production for a 3rd liner. Any injuries occur and AK moves up he could hit 25+ this year. Don't get me wrong I'm not here to slag any current Hab players.
  • Comment on The kids are alright (2011-07-08 10:44:45)
    I know I know.. Would never happen without others involved, or likely at all. Here's hoping this is Kostitsyns break out year. It is a contract year for him so I wouldn't be surprised if he had alittle more 'Umph' in his step. That said I would be cautious with a new contract if one at all.
  • Comment on The kids are alright (2011-07-08 10:35:06)
    #2 for me. We're not too far off as we've proven the last 2 years. Cole is a good pick up. Just one more and I'm a happy camper.