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  • Comment on Add two goalies, scratch one tough guy (2011-07-06 15:17:32)
    Agreed, i for one like fighting in Hockey, and would also stop watching if it was taken out. For people who don't, which is fine, there is European hockey, feel free to watch that instead. Ironic that we end up singing all these small players in a system without any protection for em. Hell if i was 5'10" theres no way i would sign on a team like the Habs. Since they are hell bent on playing without enforcers they should at least try to keep the team big enough to endure the NHL, as in keeping the number of players with heads at shoulder level to a minimum. Don't get me wrong, a 6'2" player will still get a shoulder in the face from time to time, but its more likely to draw a penalty has the shoulder has to be raised to reach it. Oh well... Ill start a concussions pool this year, with stats for stars seen after the hit and games missed as a result.