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  • Comment on Gorges headed for arbitration – maybe (2011-07-05 23:06:21)
    you should lock him down for long term he's gonna be getting bigger bucks similar to markov in 2 years and saying you want to see how many games he can play before last season he missed 1 game in 2 seasons giving markov 5.75 a season for 3 season after he played 52 games and was injured 3 times in 2 season twice being leg injury id question that deal more than if gorges got something in the area of 3 million a season because he is defnitly better than a 5 defenseman playing 20 mins/game
  • Comment on Gorges headed for arbitration – maybe (2011-07-05 22:26:08)
    prospal is the same size can get around 20 goals a year so near what cole is giving you and was paid 2.1 million last season by the rangers who overpay everybody (just look at gomez) so he would be much cheaper so yes i think its a better signing
  • Comment on Gorges headed for arbitration – maybe (2011-07-05 22:04:15)
    this would be a better signing than erik cole 4.5 million a season for a 26 goal scorer on a team with much better scoring than montreal i think gauthier was looking for someone to mentor pacioretty on how to come back from fracturing your vertebrae and becoming a mediocre player
  • Comment on Gorges headed for arbitration – maybe (2011-07-05 22:01:13)
  • Comment on Gorges headed for arbitration – maybe (2011-07-05 21:56:35)
    Leclaire hasn't played more than 35 games in all but one season has 3 games of playoff experience and really hasn't played any big games if you're gonna go after a back up goalie for a mentor for reimer go after a true veteran like turco or emery who is a quality goaltender and has played in big games before and also with emery you can loosen the load on reimer because you can play emery much more because than gustavsson because of his skill