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  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings thump Devils 6-1, win Cup (2012-06-12 11:37:30)
    Fake draft pick by the sabers in the 70's. It was meant as a joke.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 13:21:09)
    was that the same year that Crosby was playing with a broken foot in the playoffs?
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 09:25:44)
    I'm not to sure about this move but I'll give MB the benefit of the doubt. Now the real fun begins! Which players are staying and which are going, and who is the new blood going to be!
  • Comment on Habs name Mellanby director of player personnel (2012-05-29 10:54:59)
    Whatever...........I have not backtracked anything I said.........you are dreaming. All I did the other day was mention that Harley was not going back to the Lions and YOU jumped all over my post. I made the first post and it was about what the GM of the Lions said. All I had in a way an opinion at first was that it was my gut feeling that Hartley was coming to the habs and you wanted to argue it. I didn't go looking for it you just kept going. "See what I want to see"? I read this daily some people agree with you and some don't, this was never my problem! You jump on people sometimes, I have seen it. If you don't then you an complete narcissist. Also I can admit when I'm wrong, the last thing I said to you the other day was that my gut feeling could be wrong and that I could be eating my words, but that you could be eating your own. I'm not after you tom, I'm not some internet tough guy as you put it. I am sticking up for the people that you jump on and dismiss them as idiots. Everyone has a right to say what they want with out you trying to correct them so you can feel better about your self. I have agreed with things you have said in the past but I'm just tired of the way you conduct your self sometimes.
  • Comment on Habs name Mellanby director of player personnel (2012-05-29 10:21:14)
    I argued that he should be the hired not that he was going to be hired, and I never said that the Lions were not letting him out of his contract, I repeated what the Lions club have said. "Heartley will not be back with us". You did, over and over again, say that Hartley was a long shot and that your opinion was that he would never be the head coach. If you can't take being called out on your crap then maybe you should stop trying to correct everyone's posts. I read this site daily and you are the worst for it, it's rarely an opinion, it is you telling the person how wrong they are. Someone else called you on it the other day, and I have seen other people call you on your crap in the past. Whats the common denominator Tom? And I don't take kindly to being call stupid Tom, I have two degrees and a masters. I'm not stupid, I just don't like "Know it all" people.
  • Comment on Habs name Mellanby director of player personnel (2012-05-29 09:48:37)
    Tom, the other day I shared on this site that I read that the Lions team in Switzerland was on record saying that Hartley was not coming back as there coach and that he was heading back to the NHL to coach. You then proceeded to argue tooth and nail that Hartley was a long shot and that Dudley would never support his hiring. Can you stop pulling your "Know it all" attitude! Stop the I'm just going to go on this site and argue with people just for the hell of it. You had no idea if Hartley was a long shot but pretended that you had some insight that made it so. Plus the announcement could go past today. Hartley is still under contract with the Lions club, there are going to be some legal issues that go along with that which could cause some delay. It could even be weeks from now. Stop the BS know it all crap!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings win 4-3 in OT, advance to Cup final (2012-05-22 14:17:27)
    Hartley as coach does seem like it is going to happen. Good post!
  • Comment on Coaches make nice, almost, after Devils square series (2012-05-22 11:57:47)
    Do you really think that Crawford is the best choice? If you do that is your choice. My choice is that Hartley is the better consistently winner of the two. If you look at all the numbers of the two from the junior clubs, NHL, and most recently Swiss league in Hartley's case (I know the Swiss league is not the NHL but there is still good hockey being played there). All I was saying to start this debate was that the Lions are not expecting Hartley back and that he may end up in Calgary, but that from all the things I have read that indicate that Hartley is one of the coaches on top of the Habs list. I think it is a reasonable expectation that he may be the next head coach of the habs. You may be eating you words in a week or so, and I may be eating mine, we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Comment on Coaches make nice, almost, after Devils square series (2012-05-22 11:42:52)
    Marc Crawford has done nothing, they only reason he did well in Vancouver was because of the team was so talented but choked every year in the playoffs. Then did nothing in LA and and DAL. Lemaire has already said he is not coming out of retirement to coach again. Savard coached two seasons for the blackhawks and proved he wasn't the best coach. Vincent and Lefebvre maybe.
  • Comment on Coaches make nice, almost, after Devils square series (2012-05-22 11:21:33)
    He has one of the better winning records in the nhl out of the coaches mentioned and just took the lions to the Swiss league cup and won. Plus he has won the stanley cup as well. Winning matters not personality. I think Roy could be a good coach in the NHL but I'm not sold on having a rookie coach for the habs right now.