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  • Comment on Back to the drawing board (2012-01-13 11:12:44)
    Wow Gagnon's entire article smells of wounded pride. Jeez Francois go cry about it! Trashing Cammy doesn't make you look good and ignoring the fact that Cammy played a smart defensive game and broke up at least two scoring chances while he was on the ice prove that Gagnon couldn't see Cammy doing anything but questioning Gagnon's integrity.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-20 01:54:32)
    Great article! I think that you are bang on about P.K. although I am hoping that his lack of progression is more a function of undue pressure as opposed to a fundamental inability to elevate his game to the next level. I guess the next couple of years will tell if he is the next Paul Coffee or the next Ray Emery
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 01:40:10)
    Wow that Todd article is a mess! Talk about skewing facts to make them suit his needs! He needs to reel himself in. I know he wants to sell papers but there are much better ways than to go out there with so much vitriol. With guys like Todd Gauthier can never do anything right. If he makes a good trade it's not good enough if hangs onto a player he's wasting potential and if he signs one and anything goes wrong he is to blame. Nobody can succeed under these measures.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 03:11:39)
    To those comparing Cunnyworth and Muller the fact is that they have completely different track records. While Muller is relatively new to coaching, Cunnyworth has been coaching for over a decade, has been head coach several times before and unlike Muller was part of the organization. The whole point of going with Cubbyworth is to replace him in the off-season without going outside for now. To get Muller you would have to hold meetings, interviews and discussions with other teams; things management were not willing to do with Martin on the job. I also think that they already know who they want and going with Cunnyworth either gives them time or tests the waters for an Anglophone coach.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Martin out, Cunneyworth in as Habs fire head coach (2011-12-17 11:34:15)
    Fact is that I liked Martin as a coach. But even I thought it was a time for a change. Fact is that the new coach will reap the benefits of Martin's training of the players and if he can motivate them to play hard they will be dangerous
  • Comment on Canadiens back at work (2011-12-12 15:42:45)
    Kaberle is a good vet with a big contract. No, he is not a fantastic blue-chip player but he is good at what he does. Spacek was is a good vet as well but is clearly losing a step every year. The only real advantage to Spacek is that he is very good positionally where Kaberle is very good offensively. I can't say that I love the cap hit but we needed something to get our PP going. I think that people who are complaining that we could stunt the growth of our young D by limiting their time or sending them to the AHL forget the lessons we should have learned with Latendresse. I prefer to have a vet helping us win than a rookie learning his trade by making mistakes on the big club. it sure didn't hurt Max to go play big minutes on Hamilton's top line!
  • Comment on Kaberle? Really??? (2011-12-10 00:12:12)
    While the move had the potential to be a dud; this is not a desperation move IMO. A desperation move would have been putting a package together to get a big name. While Spacek is a great guy he is also unable to bring more than 10-12 minutes any more than that and he is overwhelmed. Kaberle had a good season last year before going to bean town and in spite of being minus 12 he is on pace for a 35 point season which isn't bad. Let's remember who else had a horrible +/- before coming onto the team last year. If Kaberle does well he becomes a valuable and tradable asset! He also gives us a real top 4 if he plays like he can. If we get healthy we actually have one of the best defensive brigades in the east with some valuable pieces to trade away if necessary. I am much more worried about the return of Gomez than I am the coming of Kaberle.
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 20:04:06)
    Gomez doesn't turn the puck over he gives our young D the chance to get some experience.
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 20:00:40)
    It's clear to me that palushai needs more seasoning and I don't think he is getting the right type of ice time right now. I would like to see guys like Blunden or Schultz brining some size and grit to that line
  • Comment on Can Canadiens turn it around? (2011-10-20 15:25:58)
    Fact of the matter is that the Habs need to make a move on the bottom 6 in order to lift the team up a bit. Palishai may be the next Max Pacioretti but he still needs tons of seasoning and to play lots of minutes. It is unfortunate that Betts wasn't healthy because he could have brought a lot to the team. We need to find a similar player that can kill penalties and make the 4th line difficult to play against as opposed to difficult to employ.