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  • Comment on The Big Three reunited as Lapointe’s No. 5 headed for rafters (with video) (2014-06-20 14:35:40)
    Today I was substitute teaching while students wrote a 3 hour final. Needless to say, there was plenty of thumb twiddling. I was productive with my time though, and did my own mock draft. 1. Fla: Ekblad 2. Buf: Reinhart 3. Edm: Draisaitl 4. Cgy: Dal Colle 5. Nyi: Bennett 6. Van: Nylander 7. Car: Virtanen 8. Tor: Ritchie 9. Wpg: Perlini 10. Ana: Fabbri 11. Nsh: Kapenen 12. Ari: Ehlers 13. Wsh: Fleury 14. Dal: McCann 15. Det: Larkin 16. Cbj: Barbashev 17. Phi: Tuch 18. Min: Scherbak 19. Tb: Honka 20. Sj: Milano 21. Stl: Fiala 22. Pit: Kempe 23. Col: Sanheim 24. Ana: Vrana 25. Bos: Mckeown 26. Mtl: Pastrnak 27. Chi: Dougherty 28. Tb: Ho-Sang 29. La: Bleakley 30. Nj: Macinnis Thoughts?
  • Comment on Coyotes refuse to be roadkill in L.A. (2012-05-21 20:50:37)
    Why didn't we sign Gauthier? He would be another top prospect in Hamilton next year. How does Tbay keep getting guys we should sign
  • Comment on Coyotes refuse to be roadkill in L.A. (2012-05-21 19:47:52)
    I put "attempt" in after I wrote about Mactavish. I'm not sure if Keenan is really a candidate, but he's available so I put him on the list.
  • Comment on Coyotes refuse to be roadkill in L.A. (2012-05-21 18:05:53)
    Probably not.
  • Comment on Coyotes refuse to be roadkill in L.A. (2012-05-21 16:11:29)
    For PA Parenteau's rights?
  • Comment on Coyotes refuse to be roadkill in L.A. (2012-05-21 16:03:59)
    An attempt at a unbiased look at head coach candidates: Michel Therrien - Has coached 7 seasons with the Habs and Pens and has made the playoffs 3 times. He made the Cup finals with the Pens in 07/08, but was fired the next season. Marc Crawford - Has coached 15 seasons with the Avs, Van, La, and Dallas. He won the Stanley Cup in his second season, with a stacked Colorado team. He's not very impressive and his haircut is stupid. Bob Hartley - Coached 10 seasons with Colorado and Atlanta. He won the cup in 2001 but was awful in a terrible Atlanta organization. He coached a championship team in Switzerland last year which some writeoff because it was Switzerland. However, I see it as a positive showing he is able to adapt and coach under any circumstances. Patrick Roy - Has no NHL coaching experience, but has had success coaching 7 seasons for the Quebec Remparts and winning a Memorial Cup in 2006. Has had some off ice issues, but seems like he may be more under control now. Mike Keenan - Tons of experience but only one championship ring. Is known as a hard ass who has had a ton of conflict with star players. He last coached in 08/09, and seems like a dick. Craig Mactavish - Coached 8 seasons for Edmonton in what may be the darkest years in Edmonton history. They made the Stanley Cup but lost out to Carolina. It is still remembered as the worst playoffs in decades. Mactavish is stupid. Terry Murray - Born in Quebec, and has coached for 15 years with Was, Phi, Fla, and most recently with LA. He was fired from LA earlier this year after a disappointing start. Has made it to the Conference Finals twice, and Cup Final once. Larry Robinson - Big Bird has coached 8 seasons with La, and NJ and has 1 stanley cup as a coach. He resigned as head coach in 05/06, but returned as an assistant coach the following year where he remains. Not sure he wants to leave NJ. Tony Granato - Coached three seasons with Colorado. Two seasons from 02- 04, and then went back to being an assistant coach. In 08 he had one more season as head coach. After that season he moved to Pittsburgh to be an assistant. Pascal Vincent - Had a very strong career as a head coach in the QMJHL where he won awards as Top Coach and Top Manager. In 2011 he signed on to be an assistant coach with the Winnipeg Jets. Guy Carbonneau - Coached two and a half seasons. Missed the playoffs the first year, but led the Habs to a first place conference finish in 08 but lost out in the second round. Started the 08/09 with an impressive start, but unfortunately the team then came down with a terrible case of Satan's wrath and the season from hell began, which saw the Habs fall from 1st down to 8th. Also, the annual lead the league in injuries began this season. Carbo took the axe for this season due to pressure from the fans and media. He hasn't really done anything hockey related since. Sylvain Lefebvre - Lefebvre was named as assistant coach of the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters. On June 4, 2009, the Colorado Avalanche announced that Lefebvre will serve as an assistant coach. Daniel Lacroix - Had a successful run with Moncton as an assistant coach with Moncton from 02-06. He was then named head coach of Moncton. In 09/10 he was made an assistant coach of Hamilton, and he followed Guy Boucher to Tampa. Gerrard Gallant - Spent three unsuccessful years as head coach of Columbus. He then moved to NYI as an Assistant. He then moved to be head coach of St. John Sea Dogs, which have been a mini dynasty of the QMJHL. Ottawa had him as a top candidate in 2011, but the job ultimately went to Maurice. Anyone I miss?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Coyotes beat Kings 2-0 in elimination game (2012-05-21 04:26:34)
    I want Skjei, Matteau or Matheson. A goalie with our third pick, and Bussieres with our 3rd rounder. I think we need to start drafting guys that will be bottom 9 forwards. We tend to draft top 6 players who don't have the scoring ability to play in the top 6 so we then throw them on the 3rd and 4th line, where they aren't effective because they aren't shutdown players. They don't know how to play that role. Bussieres is a solid 3rd line prospect. Skjei is a solid bottom 3 prospect. Good guys to go after.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Coyotes beat Kings 2-0 in elimination game (2012-05-20 23:19:45)
    :) No worries
  • Comment on Liveblog: Coyotes beat Kings 2-0 in elimination game (2012-05-20 22:46:00)
    I should just change my username to ChoppedLiver
  • Comment on Liveblog: Coyotes beat Kings 2-0 in elimination game (2012-05-20 22:03:04)
    This is probably the most important video of Timmins on the internet