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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-22 11:13:44)
    When a player answers a question starting with "Of course", you have to think the question asked was aimed at getting this headline.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-22 10:31:09)
    The puck deflected on PK, he knew it went in. Not sure I would qualify that as "fly by".
  • Comment on Habs recall Bournival from Hamilton; battle for jobs on fourth line (with practice video) (2014-10-20 14:23:05)
    I have an issue with the arguments he was putting forward: - How can you compare the points of the two players without taking in consideration that one played a half of a season more? - How can you list all what makes Subban a great player (talent, drive, slap shot, popularity, playing in Montreal) and not be able to compare those qualities with the ones of Del Zotto, and just dismiss it as a point of comparison? - How can you say that the importance of Subban for the Habs HAS NOTHING TO DO with talent, but has to do with the fact that Del Zotto plays for a better teammates? To me that's the most ridiculous point of the article. What other player in the league would that point be brought up to? Could we say the reason Tavares is more important to the Islanders then Couture is to the Sharks is because Tavares plays for a weaker team? It made no sense at the time neither.
  • Comment on Habs recall Bournival from Hamilton; battle for jobs on fourth line (with practice video) (2014-10-20 13:38:55)
    An article by François Gagnon was referenced below. I read it yesterday, well written, but I can't get over his position on Subban two years ago, I just can't. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now, he's acting like he never had that position before. [...] Parti de Montréal le printemps dernier avec l'intention d'y revenir avec un contrat comparable à celui de Drew Doughty des Kings de Los Angeles - 56 millions sur 8 ans, moyenne de 7 millionssous le plafond -, P.K. Subban a la tête perdue dans les nuages. Malgré son talent, sa flamboyance, sa combativité, la force de son tir frappé et sa popularité plus grande que nature à Montréal, P.K. Subban n'est pas Drew Doughty. Le sera-t-il un jour? On verra. Mais après 160 matchs dans l'uniforme du Canadien, il ne l'est pas encore. S'il ne peut se comparer à Doughty, P.K. peut toutefois se comparer à Michael Del Zotto. Dans la même situation contractuelle que Subban à Montréal, Del Zotto s'est entendu avec les Rangers de New York, hier matin, sur les paramètres d'un contrat de deux ans d'une valeur de 2,5 millions par année. Rien que ça? C'est déjà pas mal. En 204 matchs avec les Rangers, Del Zotto revendique 21 buts et 81 points. Des statistiques légèrement inférieures à celles de Subban, qui compte 21 buts et 76 points en 160 rencontres avec le Canadien. Del Zotto est moins important à la cause des Rangers que Subban à celle du Canadien. C'est un fait. Mais ce degré d'importance n'a rien à voir avec une fluctuation de talent entre ces deux défenseurs qui n'ont rien à s'envier l'un à l'autre. Ou si peu. Subban est plus important au Canadien parce que le Tricolore est beaucoup moins bien nanti que les Rangers à la ligne bleue. Des Rangers qui comptent sur des Marc Staal, Dan Girardi et Ryan McDonagh, que le Canadien a donné aux Blueshirts pour obtenir Scott Gomez. Qui est l'agent de Michael Del Zotto? Don Meehan. L'agent de Subban, de Doughty et de plusieurs dizaines d'autres bons et très bons joueurs. Avec le contrat qu'il a négocié pour Del Zotto, Meehan a donné un gros coup de main à Marc Bergevin. Il lui a offert 5 millions d'arguments que le DG du Tricolore pourra présenter à son jeune défenseur la prochaine fois qu'il négociera avec lui. Pas surprenant que Bergevin ait parlé de Meehan en l'appelant «Donny» lors de son point de presse hier, et qu'il ait louangé sa grande expérience et ses qualités de négociateur. La question à 5 millions est de savoir si Subban acceptera de se ranger derrière les arguments de Bergevin et les conseils de son agent, ou s'il agira comme cela lui arrive souvent sur la patinoire et décidera de faire à sa tête... How can a guy that wrote that stuff still have some credibility?
  • Comment on Habs recall Bournival from Hamilton; battle for jobs on fourth line (with practice video) (2014-10-20 13:23:34)
    Just a clarification. The PLQ (Liberals), not the PQ, were in power when the subsidy to build the arena was given.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-16 20:59:19)
    Nice! Will we ever have the two first lines working at the same time, though?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-16 20:45:04)
    Is Budaj going back to Colorado? Hearing they just lost both Varlamov and Berra are hurt. It would make me feel better, what happened to him was a little sad.
  • Comment on Habs send Bournival down to Hamilton (2014-10-15 18:21:10)
    When you look at the price Subban signed, you have to think the bridge contract had everything to do with the amount of money he was asking for at the time and nothing to do with what he had accomplished or could accomplish. If Galchenyuk ask for 5 M Bergevin will sign him for 8 years.
  • Comment on Habs will have plenty to work on at practice (2014-10-15 00:08:30)
    Can't say I'm happy with the changes to both and HIO. To think they are paying a tech firm money to come up with a worst layout than what they used to have. It's baffling.
  • Comment on Habs will have plenty to work on at practice (2014-10-14 22:00:15) If you understand French and have the TV5 channel, do yourself a favor and and set your pvr to record that documentary. It's 5 one hour long episodes about WWI that will air for a second time from November 3rd (it was broadcast for a first time in March) to December 1st. From the crisis in Ukraine, to the Israel/Palestine conflict, the first world war, fought a 100 years ago, helps understand why nations are fighting now. The documentary was based on 500 hours of cinematic archives, color and sounds were added to give a new perspective on the events. Who would have thought that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand would start a chain of events that would lead to almost 40 million killed, missing and wounded "soldiers"? I put it in quotes because most of them were young men fighting a senseless war. It's worth seeing.