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  • Comment on Keep cool on Gorges (2011-07-06 11:21:00)
    In a dream world if there wasn't a cap and the Habs were the Yankee's this would happen. The big issue would be trying to resign Price and PK the following year. Both are going to get nice big paychecks (i hope) so they stay in Montreal. Also Eller and Yemelin are both up for new contracts next year. If either of them have good years in 11-12, we can kiss them good-bye as well. Drive 4 25
  • Comment on Canadiens make offer to Hamrlik (2011-06-28 14:16:56)
    If he is going to get anything close to what he was making before. I'll puke. He's not the worst D man. But I really think there are way better and younger D men out there who will be cheaper. I watched hammer for the last 2 years make so many mistaks that would cost them the game. Hes worth 1 mill a year out of respect for his leadership not a penny more. Whiz is who we need to sign. Drive 4 25