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  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings beat Coyotes 4-0, head home with series stranglehold (2012-05-15 22:47:31)
    Mike smith pulls a Billy smith on brown. Lol.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings beat Coyotes 4-0, head home with series stranglehold (2012-05-15 22:33:09)
    Wouldn't that boedker guy look good on a line with Eller? A Denmark line. Lol.
  • Comment on Bergevin is GM; Gomez unaware of a buyout (2012-05-02 13:11:34)
    Interesting...RDS interview with Bergevin @ Bell Center in 2009.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens video, Martin audio after loss to Oilers (2011-11-09 16:32:36)
    Rough loss last night. I don't think you can blaime the Habs for much of the loss tonight. The Plek's turnover was a Big Egg that was very un-Pleks like, but it just goes to show how uncomfortable it for him to be the quarterback of the PP. He's more like a half wall man. Our PP lost us that game. Can't blame Price, a breakaway with a move that all teams seem to be using on Price this season; Andrei Markov-esque shootout goal. The 2nd goal hopwever was a lucky bounce. We were being hemmed in our zone and a harmless shot hit Gorges and went by Price...and lo' and behold Patches gets a goal 20 sec. after...what luck!? Anyways..I like how the Habs played tonight defensively, in the neutral zone and offensive zone, but we have to improve our finish and our PP has got to connect! Need to get into a winning rhythm. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-24 11:21:29)
    I don't know what to say! The game vs. Toronto was a game the Habs had to win...for points and for confidence. I think the Habs played good, but we made way too many mistakes! Gorges mistake took a lot out of us! Up 2-1, had all the momentum and Gorges makes a rookie mistake...carrying the puck in front of the net with 2 leafs on him! I love Gorges, but that was bad. In the end, we've played games, made mistakes and the opposing team has capitalized. Our defense isn't aggressive enough and I believe were letting teams come into our zone way too easily. We need to pl;ay aggressive, relentless 5 man hockey! 5 men up, 5 men back! Pacioretty needs to step up...and basically everyone does! Everything seems to be backwards so far this season...Moen leading scoring...defense is bad, Price's save percentage...WTF!? Things need to change for the better..and QUICK! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on The mourning after (2011-10-21 12:55:45)
    Last night was a terrible effort...I didn't expect to see such a depressing effort. I expected the Habs to come out hungry for the W! The Pens came out fore-checking hard. The Habs weren't skating, weren't making space and weren't capitalizing on their opportunities! I'm not throwing this team, management and coach under the bus! This is team is a really good team! Maybe it'd be better if we could have a big 1st line center instead of Gomez to fill our cap, but everything else is there. The team needs to follow the "Game Plan" and it is a process...and right now the Habs are finding themselves having a tough time getting that process going. Injuries are not an excuse, cuz last years depleted Habs played better than last night's effort! Saturday's game vs. Toronto is huge and can help start a turn-around! Habs have to play as a team, win and lose as a team and they haven't done that of late...cept for the Buffalo game and portions of other games. It's frustrating, but I'd much prefer a tough time at the beginning of the season than at the end or in the playoffs. Habs need some soul searching as a team right now and they will find their game. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on A long night at the Bell Centre (2011-10-14 11:57:21)
    That was a frustrating game to watch, maybe just as frustrating as the game vs. Toronto. We were snake-bitten on our closest chances->cross bar, puck through the crease and grazing the side of the net. The first 5 minutes of the game were exactly what I was expecting of the Habs. Playing aggressive, making chances and using our skill to make space for ourselves...then it stopped. Bad penalties, poor defensive zone coverage on the PK exploited Price and they were all of a sudden up 2-1. The d-zone breakdown and its 3-1. Habs looked sapped. Just couldn;t bury our chances...and we had chances...PP sucked! Do we ever need Markov! Cammy woulda helped too...Eller and patches were our best forwards, Kush was okay for 30 min. Cole, Gionta and Gomez must step up! If I were JM, these are the lines I'd run for Sat. Eller-Pleks-Cole Max-Pac-Gomez-Gionta Kush-DD-Moen Palushaj-Engqvist-Darche Subban-Gill Gorges-Weber Emmelin-Diaz.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-07 13:22:20)
    The Habs made the Leafs look good last night with their patchwork lineup...WTF happened!? Habs dominated the 1st period...hit posts, sides of nets, skated by juicy rebounds, and shot right into Reimer who only had to make 2-3 big saves. Habs made the Leafs look good. That SH goal was hard to could almost see it coming and it was handed to the Leafs on a silver platter. After that, Leafs gained confidence and we had none. Habs were playing too individually at some points and just didn't stick to the fundamentals. It was frustrating to watch, yelling at the television cuz ur seeing what the player isn't and what would have been so obvious late last season. Habs skated past too many opportunities and our big bodies (Kush and Patches) didn't drive the net with authority at some points. These next 2 practices r very important and the game in Winnipeg will be tough. Another home opener in a raucous building will be tough. They have to score early Sunday...and often. Special teams too! Price was great last night. Unfortunate he lost the puck that rolled so conveniently into the slot for open net and Phaneufs shot was an impossible save...almost. Looking forward to Sunady! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 14:05:45)
    There should have been a suspension on this hit. It was contact to the head. Campoli had his head up until the player behind him lifted his stick. Campoli then focused his eyes on the puck for a split second and Malone was there to "crush" him. Malone didn't have to "crush" him, and Campoli was in a vulnerable position, despite how fast it all happened. It was Malone's resonsibilty to "minimize" contact. Why can't players just play how the rules say; a body check is strategic body contact to strip puck away from the puck handler...not to try and kill him. A simple nudge would have done it. Or poke the puck the puck. There's other ways to do this play. Vety surprised in Shanny's ruling.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gallagher, Bournival returned to junior (2011-09-30 16:33:38)
    I played goalie for 11 years and watching Price just amazes me. He rarely over-plays a puck and uses his size to his advantage. He looks like he doesn't care almost---obvs he does---and it's effective. Simply amazing! Price is the best goalie in the league right now. Next Roy in my eyes. Very nonchalant looking and it kinda reminds me Dryden's book. Dryden highlighted the reasoning of his famous position---leaning on the stick. To make his players feel that everything was okay with him and to give a message to opposing players that he wasn't phased. I see that in Price. He reacts with what and when he has to, rarely over reacting. Makes me feel "safe" knowing he's Our goalie! Go Habs Go!