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  • Comment on Flyers, Canadiens in news ahead of draft (2011-06-24 12:30:55)
    I agree that it would be expensive to move up especially considering the teams we would have to deal with. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Murphy go in the top 5. I also would like a goal scorer but it seems every time Timmins takes a guess it ends up backfiring (McDonagh, Fischer...etc). With Murphy having so much talent, I am persuaded it would be a steal. However, as you said, it is probably not a realistic option as we would have to give away a solid prospect.
  • Comment on Flyers, Canadiens in news ahead of draft (2011-06-24 12:09:00)
    The big sleeper this year is definitely Ryan Murphy. That guy is outstanding. He is the kind of D that has a gifted skillset you only see once or twice per decade. If the Habs can move up to draft him, they would have a heck of a D in 2-3 years with Subban and Gorges. Murphy is just so good with his stick, has a great poke check, great shot, some of the best hands of the draft and is super fast. At 5'11'' he's not big but he is not too small either and he loves hip checks. His size is the reason he is ranked lower than he should be. He also has the rare ability to carry the puck end-to-end several times per game. I really hope we don't let the Bruins get him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he pulls off a "Jeff Skinner" and gets drafted around #10 to eventually end up having the best rookie season. PG make it happen!