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  • Comment on The roster is set (2011-07-22 22:54:20)
    I'm happy they avoided arbitration but a one year deal when he becomes a UFA next season makes no sense! Come on PG Gorges is 26 years old and is a great shutdown defenseman. I was hoping for at least 3-4 years.
  • Comment on Hamrlik to get contract offer: report (2011-06-23 22:58:24)
    Signing a slow plug like Hammer is the worst idea ever, we have a plug already named Spacek. Hammer can hardly skate anymore. SIGN WIZ PG PLEASE! He's only 27, has a cannon of a shot, a mean streak and he is not an old plug. Markov, Wiz, Georges, PK, Gill and Emelin/Weber with Spacek bought out or in minors is amazing.
  • Comment on Confirmed: Markov signed for three years (2011-06-23 22:46:55)
    Great signing to have Markov back! A little more than I hoped for but I'm still glad he is staying. Now with the salary cap up $4.9 million from last season set at $64.3 million PLEASE SIGN THE WIZ to a long term contract. If we get the Wiz signed we are set! I hope PG does not offer Hammer a contract because we all ready have a old plug called Spacek!