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  • Comment on White, Palushaj to Hamilton (2012-02-06 15:53:36)
    @ aemarchand11: I doubt that PG has the smarts to pick-up Stewart. A player who would help the Habs now and for the next few years. He, White and Blunden would be a nice 4th. I have a bad feeling that he is going to trade prospects and maybe even a pick(maybe not our first) for a "viable" NHL player to help us make the playoffs... he's in dream land. We should take Zach Hamil off the Bruins, they put him on waivers too. Would be a good asset to have in Hamilton.
  • Comment on The hole gets deeper (2012-02-01 12:39:08)
    Also, they would have been finally drafting to their need, a center with size.
  • Comment on The hole gets deeper (2012-02-01 12:36:21)
    Correct me if I'm wrong. But, wasn't there a story out there that Gomez was traded to the Islanders, but he used his power of vito, to cancel it?
  • Comment on The hole gets deeper (2012-02-01 11:25:35)
    I think the only reason we should start to chat about trading Plecks is that he has value. Yes, it will hurt us in the short term becasue we would be missing a quality center. Question is are we really? We have, who are NHL centers; DD Eller Gomez Nokes White That's five guys who can get us through to the end of the year. Or further. We can maybe then sign an upgrade over Nokes and move White to the wing. Brendan Gaunce is projected to be a good power forward and is a center with size. We can draft him, Eller and DD are good until he comes in. Maybe we should figure out what his value actually is. Teams like the Hawks, Caps, to lesser extent Preds are looking for a quality and true second line center. Plecks is that, and is signed to a reasonable cap hit. I don't see why we couldn't get a decent prospect or even a 1st for him.
  • Comment on The hole gets deeper (2012-02-01 08:54:00)
    I was always one of those people who hated on McGuire but, the more I've been listening to what he has to say. I started looking past the arrogance, I was able to see a man who knows the game inside and out. If we think about what we need as a GM, what are they. 1. Knows the NHL 2. Understands the CBA and can work with it 3. Can speak French 4. Uses a persons first name 5. has passion 6. Knows where to find the better players and coaches Pierre fits the bill on all accounts. Melnick...errr.. Bowman is right you gotta give someone a chance to prove how they can do the job. The question still remains, how come no other team has hired the guy? In terms of the house cleaning. We should think about trading players who can garnish a return. 1. Moen - would the Canucks give up Raymond if we sweeten the pot. 2. Plecks - Would Washington give up Colorado's first pick and Shultz? (I can dream) 3. Gill - Would the Pens give up someone like Dustin Jeffery? 4. AK46 - Nashville would take him, would they give up Colin Wilson if we sweeten the pot. 5. Webber - Jersey needs D, their coach knows him... I like Nick Palmieri big kid who can score a few (Moen2.0?) I don't think Sam Pollok would be able to trade Gomez and Kaberle, we're stuck with both of them, and their contracts.
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 12:15:56)
    @habsfanforever7631 I like the way you think. Much like me. However, I don't think Eller will ever be that big number one we all drool about, in the Thornton mold. I do think that he could be a trade away. I've able to watch quite a few Nashville games,(dreaming about getting Weber) Colin Wilson looks really good. from what I can see(please correct me if I'm wrong) he's in the three hole now, and has 27 points. He has size 6'2" a hair under 215lbs skates like mad and has drive. He could(underlined) turn into a dynamic power center. From what I've read, Nashville is looking to add some scoring up front, we have AK46, and maybe a pick to offer. Not sure if that would be acceptable or not, but we get a young big center who can play like a number one. Then, we can use Plecks for picks... to Washington for Colorado's first and Jeff Shultz(I can dream) Back to what I originally wanted to say. habsfanforever7631 you're 100% right. we have most of the cards in place to be a dominate force, we can see it in some games. Now isn't the time to exlpode and start from square one. it's time to figure out how to compliment our current assests and grow.
  • Comment on Canadiens announce camp roster, sign Trotter (2011-07-04 15:34:02)
    Not too sure if anyone mentioned it. But, if we were planning on trading Gomez and some decent prospects to Phoenix. Would asking for Kyle Turris over KY be outrageous? Turris could end up being that big center that we've been dreaming about for years. Would also be on the cheap in terms of cap space, leaving tons of room to re-sign Price and PK next year. I'd like to see our lines look something like this Cole/Plecks/Cammy Gionta/Eller/Max Power AK46/Turris/?? Mind you this would mean including DD in the trade, but you have to give to get.
  • Comment on Wisniewski’s rights traded to Blue Jackets (2011-06-29 15:16:15)
    Hi guys, just started posting. I've been reading the board for a while. Enjoying the comments. I think that they talked with him, to try and sign him. What team wouldn't? He was looking for too much money, or at least more than what PG was willing to offer. I love Wiz though, exactly what we need on the Blue line. I have this fear that PG is saving his cash to sign Simon Gagne. On paper he looks to be exactly what we need. We all know he has never played a full year. when he does, he is great and can score. I'd like to see Ben Eager, imagine him bugging Tim Thomas...
  • Comment on Update: Hamrlik says no to Canadiens (2011-06-29 08:37:58)
    I agree with a few of you here, thinking that offering Hammer a one year deal to "teach" the young guys the NHL game. Would Yemlien walk if he can't hold a place with the Habs? I don't want to lose a guy who could turn out to be really good, for an older player who might be past his prime. Cam barker is on waivers, we can take a gamble on him.
  • Comment on Can Canadiens trade Gomez? (2011-06-27 12:10:52)
    Hi Guys long time reader, only now starting to post. HabinBurlington as much as I would like to see Leino in a Habs uni, does he really fit the bill for what we need on our top line? I would see him in more of a second or even third line role. He's proven he can get decent points playing on a deep teams thrid line, and that he's clutch in the post season. He hasn't really shown he can be that 50-60 point guy on a first line. I honestly think and a lot of you have the same idea that I do, is that we need to build our fourth line with strong players and move up that way. Our third is perfect, with a turn around year, our second will be awesome. We need that big presence on our first line. We can wait until next year for that piece. we can add talent to the first by actually giving Big Ben a chance. Will teams be worried about Thomas Flieshman? he could play will with Plecks and Cammy. adding Players like Rupp, and Konupka or Belanger hell isn't Boyd Gordon a UFA?would shore up our fourth line adding some skill and a little toughness. Eric Goddard is UFA, can hurt people, but would also hurt our line up. In the end, we're building our team from golatending up. We have two pretty good D prospects now in the juniors in Tinordi and Beaulieu, adding them to PK, Webber, Yemlien and Gorges we look pretty good. Starting next year we can start drafting the "bigger" forward. but, we're pretty deep in that aspect. We need to be patient and wait for this team to be built, we have a lot of good pieces, if AK46 and Big Ben turn into what they should be... wow we'd look good up front.