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  • Comment on Liveblog: Another shootout L (2011-12-08 22:39:57)
    I am pissed. I am so tired of this team choking. We need some heart and soul. We get a total of 18 shots against Columbus and a huge 20 against Vancouver. I feel for Carey, stupid penalties, not sure how it is they haven't figured out the best defense is a good offence. Enough with this preserve the lead at any cost mentality. I really hope they fire Martin as we need somebody with emotion behind the bench. I would love to see Patrick behind the bench now that we don't have a chance at Muller. Also, a little toughness wouldn't hurt. Even if we scraped our way into the playoffs, we'll be pushed and punched out of them pretty quick. Help - SOS Ricko
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 23:39:37)
    No problem with a game. Three is wacked. Makes you wonder how these clowns make decisions. Pretty sure if he played for Boston, Letang would have been held accountable for having his head down and moving his head knowing he was going to be body checked. I just really don't get the double standard. Kudos to Patches for apologizing to Letang. Kerry Fraser for NHL Discplinarian and he should be paid by the NHL player union, that way the owners, Jacobs and Bettman don't decide. Chances are the NHLPA will want what is best for it's players and calls will be fair for all. Sorry I thought Shanny was doing Ok, but now I believe he either is getting too much pressure from the owners and Jacobs or he has lost touch with what is right and wrong. You ask any player about that Lucic hit and not one will tell you that was a fair and good NHL hit. That was pure Boston Thuggery. We want Fraser, We want Fraser Ricko
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-28 23:15:40)
    What a joke. Pacioretty was penalized and yes he hit a little high, but this wasn't premeditated . I could live with a game, he has no past history, three game is absolutely ludicrous. What a bunch of wack jobs, nothing to Lucic when he drops his head and levels Miller, Chara follows through with his arms and launches Patches into the Stanchion nothing. Incredible. Keep up the good work morons. Ricko
  • Comment on Add two goalies, scratch one tough guy (2011-07-07 01:38:40)
    Now that we haven't signed Konopoka after he cleary indicated he would love to play in Montreal not sure what Gauthier and Martin are thinking. We need a tough guy, figure it out. Take a look at the rest of the East they are loading up on grit. Eric Godard is still available and we could used another young power forward with size and toughness - that would be awesome. I don't even want to get into not signing Pouliot for a million, 24 years old, 6'3" and 200 lbs - could have traded him for a draft pick at the very least if he didn't pan out after 20 games. Also not signing Auld, don't get it - he had a good rapport with Price - would have been a good fit. Get us a young power forward with toughness and an enforcer. Gorges shouldn't get more than 2.75 mil. Otherwise let him go, he is replaceable - he is a small shut down defenseman just coming off of major reconstructive surgery, not worth more than that. We have speed, finesse, goaltending, offensive defense - we need some toughness. Cammy and the Gionta need to know that they aren't out there skating with bulleyes on their backs. If we stand pat in the toughness department, Martin and Gauthier's days are numbered, Molson will get rid of them. Ricko
  • Comment on Hamrlik to get contract offer: report (2011-06-23 01:43:41)
    I personally like Hamrlik and believe he is a good mentor and a winner. I truly believe that veteran leadership for a guy that's wants to be here is a good thing. If he signs for a much reduced contract, maybe 1.5 to 2 M keep him. I wish we signed Wiz for about 4.5, I think we could have kept him if we paid Markov 5 M for three years instead of the 2 year deal at 11.5. Nash is up and coming, we have Diaz and Yemelin so we have an abundance of D men, but as Vancouver proved last year - you can never have too many. We also need a couple of Bigger forwards. McNeil, Scheifele or Morrow for the draft and Zenon K from the Isles as our tough guy. If Svoboda can get us Jagr and Hammer for 4 M combined and incentives. Pouliot resign for the same rate, last chance. Go Habs Go Ricko