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  • Comment on Gorges signs six-year contract (2012-01-02 17:06:29)
    Problem is Pmonster is there is no one else out there they could afford. Gainey and Gauthier have put the team in a position that they are paying good dollars for bad talent. Gomez, Gionta, Gill, Markov, AK, only Cole has worked out so far, but we will be in the same boat as every year scratching for the playoffs then bowing out in the first round. Lets face facts they have not improved so the result will be the same. All they do each year trade 4 quarters for a loonie. Georges is a stay at home defenceman but he is small and this team already has anough lady byng canidates, but again there is not much out there, paid him a little to much but at least he's playing. Passalaqua
  • Comment on Gorges signs six-year contract (2012-01-02 09:39:43)
    I don't think that except for Emelin that any of the others teams forwards are scared of any of the hits (oops I mean taps) the Habs dish out on opposing forwards. Except for a few flashes of rushing this team is one of the best that clears the puck to a forward standing and waiting for it in the league. Yes they are young and they have a lump of useless coal (Gill) who spends more time on one knee looking like a shortstop more than a defenceman, but Gauthier should fall on the sword for handing Markov all this money knowing he had 2 major knee operations and still give him a contract before he even played, there was no risk of losing him no GM would not have dished out this cash on such damaged goods, heck even the bruins got rid of Bobby Orr and Markov is no Bobby Orr. Passalaqua
  • Comment on Team 990 new radio home of Canadiens (2011-06-22 18:55:48)
    Great we will finally get rid of that annoying play by play commentary by whats his name Rick i want to be Gallivan with his stupid Ak 47 comment when Andrei rarely scored and his other mindless play by play comments. Good Luck to team 990 believe you cannot do worse and with the talent you have I am sure you will not. Passalaqua