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  • Comment on Tokarski will get start in goal for Canadiens vs. Jets (2015-03-25 16:03:53)
    You were not here first ... our people were here long before you arrived.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Nashville wins 3-2 in OT (2015-03-24 21:51:55)
    "That PAP tip was slick" Did Boone really say that?
  • Comment on Senators vs. Canadiens preview: Parenteau back in Habs lineup (2015-03-12 16:37:50)
    If he does get scrambled again all that would be left is a pup at arena.
  • Comment on Senators vs. Canadiens preview: Parenteau back in Habs lineup (2015-03-12 13:01:02)
    Generally I like listening to Pierre Maguire (I know ... I know flame away LOL) but his comments on the Kadri fiasco were laughable. He basically said that management dropped the ball and was partially responsible for the media circus that ensued. He talked about management organizing a buddy system so that players wouldn't forget about the time change. Are you kidding me? These are grown men making millions of dollars I think they can handle remembering to wake up on time.
  • Comment on Senators vs. Canadiens preview: Parenteau back in Habs lineup (2015-03-12 12:53:06)
    I think one way to increase scoring is for Plekanec to shoot less and Galchenyuk to shoot more. Seems like any shift with Max on the ice the players know Max is the guy ... and make an effort to get him the puck. Subban is always looking for Max to make stretch passes. Max has 259 shots and 31 goals. Now the shifts with Plekanec and Galchenyuk on the ice IMO Plekanec has the puck on his stick too much. The same mindset should be used as with Max. Get Chucky the puck! Chucky only has 133 shots and 19 goals. Plekanec has 196 shots and 19 goals. Plekanec takes a lot of shots with little chance of scoring.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 13:01:09)
    No team is as good as they are in the standings or for that matter as bad as they are in the standings because there is a "luck factor" built into every team's season. That luck factor is most pronounced in the goalie's play and the shooting percentage of players. Carey Price has been phenomenal ... there is no doubt. He is the best goalie in the league. But it is not sustainable. He has been "lucky." Or if that doesn't sound good then the opposing players have been "unlucky" against him. There were a lot of games earlier in the season where we came back to win. Did the Habs play well, definitely but they clear "rand good" and won a few more games than they should have. Also, I should have said "turn Carey Price from a phenomenal goaltender into an above average goal tender"
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 12:46:56)
    Right now we are basically tied with TB, NYI, NYR, STL and NAS in the standings. You state that if MT let the team play an imaginative, exciting offensive system where puck possession matters the Habs would be better team. How much better do you think they would be? You really think the Habs could be that much higher in the standings than those 5 teams if MT does anything different? The reason we are lucky to be tied with those 5 teams is because of MT.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 11:20:20)
    A few comments: 1) Tampa Bay is a extremely good team. Sometimes when you play a very a good team they will make another good team look bad. Happened last night and also last week in San Jose. It's going to happen regardless of who is in the line-up, what lines MT utilizes, whether we added a top scorer at the tradeline or whether DSP is overweight. Heck, we did it twice to St. Louis this year. 2) Our record in the standings is better than we actually are. I think most people would agree with this. Are we a good team? Yes. Are we the best team in the league? Not a chance. Our position in the standings is inflated because of the amazing play of Carey Price. Turn Price into an average goal tender and over the course of the season to date he probably would have let in approx. 15 more goals. That drops our goal differential from + 30 to +15 and probably drops us down to a wild card spot in the standings. 3) I really don't get the hate for MT. Do you really think he is an idiot and has no idea what he is doing? MT has developed a system and a strategy based on the resources he has been given. Using this strategy he has miraculously got this team into first place. Generally I think Habs fans are the most knowledgeable in the league but when it comes to MT they are clueless. 4) This team is a work in progress. MB is on the right track. Step 1: make the club a consistent playoff team. Done. Are we missing pieces? Definitely. Do you think MB doesn't know that he is missing one or two key offensive players? The opportunity hasn't come up yet to acquire them. Looking at the contracts of the players we currently have I truly believe that our window for winning a cup will be over the next 1-3 years.
  • Comment on Episode 21: Did Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin do enough at the NHL trade deadline? (2015-03-04 18:02:16)
    guys ... quit jumping to conclusions there are a multitude of reasons why an individual player could be scratched for one game
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 15:02:07)
    I clicked satisfied because I recognize that this is not the year to make the 100% push for the cup. If you look at all the contracts and how they line up I believe next year is our best shot at the cup. With only Galchenyuk to sign and (possibly resign Petry or add a similar top 4 D) and the coming out party for DLR and NB we will have the cap space to add the missing piece of a bonafide top 6 scoring winger this summer.