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  • Comment on HI/O Show: Setting the stage for Habs vs. Bruins (2014-05-01 11:27:32)
    Yup ... Vegas is rarely wrong. Going into the first round ... STL was the odds on favourite to win the cup, COL was a significant favourite over Wild to win series, SJ was a favourite to beat LA.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Setting the stage for Habs vs. Bruins (2014-05-01 11:22:49)
    I think this is one of the most ridiculous statements in all of sports. I can just imagine the team in the dressing room before the game ... Gionta: "Lets have a good game boys ... just have fun out there. We have nothing to lose. They are the cup favourites so lets just give it our all and if we lose its OK." Price: " Yah Gio .. I have a gold medal anyway ... there is no pressure on me. We are not supposed to win the cup anyway." Vanek: " I agree ... this is just like when I was playing in Buffalo and Long Island... no pressure out there guys. It is not like this is one of the biggest rivalries in sports ..." Briere: Yup ... I grew up in Quebec guys .... these guys are right ... there is no pressure when the Habs play teh Bruins."
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-13 18:58:23)
    It is not unreasonable to think they could win the East ... I think they can compete with any team in the East and they seem to match up decent against Boston this year. The way Price has been playing anything could happen. Optimistic? Sure but not crazy...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 76 – Canadiens top Panthers 4-1, W streak hits five (2014-03-29 19:30:48)
    Captain Obvious aka Bob Cole has got to go!! It is 0-0 ... no score. It is painful listening to him. The game is 8 minutes old and he has reminded the viewers that it is the first period about 4 times. It is 0-0 ... no score. Even though the time is clearly shown in the upper left hand corner he never fails to update the audience as to how much time is remaining in the period about every 30 seconds! It is 0-0 ... no score. Just in case you weren't aware it is 0-0 ... no score. Off to commercial. Welcome back ... it is still 0-0 no score. No score 0-0.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after win over Avalanche; Bozon’s condition improving (2014-03-19 13:37:16)
    As of right now the Habs' most likely 1st round opponent is TB ... 73% . Leafs = 14%. If I remember correctly all 3 games they faced off against eachother this year were 2-1 overtime games. This might be shaping up to be a classic series...
  • Comment on Habs get day off after win over Avalanche; Bozon’s condition improving (2014-03-19 13:30:10)
    TO wins increases their odds to make playoffs to 83.7 % TO loses decreases their odds to make playoffs to 66.4% Habs' chances of making playoffs doesn't change based on the outcome. Smart fans want TO to lose because it would be sooooo sweet if they miss the playoffs!
  • Comment on Habs get day off after win over Avalanche; Bozon’s condition improving (2014-03-19 13:22:00) TB has a 99.2 % chance of making playoffs. NJ has about the same chance as Washington Pretty much a coin flip between Phoenix and Dallas for the last WC spot in the west.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-16 11:05:21)
    From sportsclub stats we have a 90% chance of making the playoff. Here are the first round opponents ordered most likely to least likely: Pittsburgh 21.4 Tampa Bay 19.8 Boston 14.3 Columbus 9.0 NY Rangers 8.6 Philadelphia 7.5 Toronto 5.2 New Jersey 2.4 Detroit 0.7 Washington 0.6 Carolina 0.2 Ottawa 0.1
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-09 13:30:30)
    If Bertuzzi belongs in jail we might as well throw half of the players that were playing in the league in 2004 in jail along with him (I'm exagerating.) Bertuzzi is no different than them ... the results were just worse. People are being results orientated when it comes to Bertuzzi. Moore just happened to get seriously injured and end his career. There are plenty of players who intentionally tried to injure their opponents but the results were different.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-09 11:00:05)
    I wonder what the team thinks about MT's decision to pull Budaj? If there is any friction I can't imagine this helped. From all accounts all of the players think the world of Budaj.