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  • Comment on Sunday Video Theatre (2011-07-04 02:33:40)
    Where exactly did you hear anything about MTL enquiring into Keith Yandle?
  • Comment on UPDATE: Pacioretty, Desharnais sign for two years (2011-06-20 11:34:54)
    Yeah me too, but this leaves me scratching my head for a top 6 to play with Pleks and Cammy. I'm confident that AK is going to be sharp this year, but Im not confident he is 82 game- top 6 material. At least JJ will put in 19 minutes of skating each game, and with 7-8 scoring chances a game with Pleks, he could produce. I don't see Jagr signing for more than 3.5/ year in the NHL, but then again, Montreal did pick up the Gomez contract.
  • Comment on UPDATE: Pacioretty, Desharnais sign for two years (2011-06-20 11:27:07)
    I like the bravery of putting together numbers for those lines. 4.25 for Gorges is too much. Maybe, and way out there, would be 3.25, which would be generous for an RFA out for most of his last contract season. I think they will try to bully him into a 15%-20% increase, on account of his injury. He is, after all, a shut-down defenseman, in a system that desires puck moving defensemen. The rest of your numbers are solid, so far.
  • Comment on UPDATE: Pacioretty, Desharnais sign for two years (2011-06-20 11:12:37)
    PG is getting his ducks in a row. Don't know the salary\years for MaxPac yet, but with 64 mil to play with, theres less doubt that PG will sign Markov AND Wiz. That's right. If Wiz was anything, he was an excellent replacement for Markov. The two of them would be cruel to other teams on the PP. Speaking of the PP, Jagr for a year seams more and more like a good investment, as there are more than a few young players coming up through the system, and he's demonstrated that he can play with Pleks. With the size the Habs are now, they are a PP team, and can use a 6'3 winger like Jagr, even if he is old. He probably has a 30 goal year left in him, and with Gionta and Gomez, they take a little stress off him to get those 3rd and 4th goals a game. Without Jagr there is really no one in the FA pool to fill a to 6 spot, let alone the hands of Jagr. I think he is over the hill, but still can pot the puck, and at this point, don't we Habs fans want someone who can do that regularly? After all the signings there will still be more than enough cap left to sign the missing bottom six. Next year will be even easier with (hopefully) Gomez traded for a bag of pucks.