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  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 14:03:34)
    hahahha, waaaa waaaa. Exactly what I expected from a bunch of frogs!! Don't worry, we are enjoying the Cup. And I'll post anywhere I please. Montreal....legacy of cowardly, dirty hockey perfectly representative of the French heritage in your city. I can't wait to see the Bs crush your pansie ass*s again next year as defending champions!!
  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 11:03:15)
    Hey Habs fans, all I have to say as a Bs fan is that it wouldn't have been right to win the Cup without having gone through Montreal. I don't mean that as a boast, but more of a compliment. That was a crazy series. But to say Chara's hit was worse than Rome's is absolutely moronic. No comparison between rubbing somebody out along the boards and head hunting. Unfortunate what happened, and hope the kid from Connecticut is ok, but come one...that his was totally different than squaring to line somebody up with a head hunting cheap shot a la Rome.