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  • Comment on Canadiens put Rene Bourque on waivers, recall Jarred Tinordi from Hamilton (2014-11-09 23:57:58)
    bringing in bourque was gauthier's decision, and happened before MB/MT took the reins. and to be totally honest i would say even gauthier probably wouldn't have predicted such a drop-off in player quality. things like this happen - it's a competitive league, bourque wasn't keeping up. the goal of a GM is to minimize mistakes in making transactions like this. on the whole i would say the success rate so far with MB is quite high.
  • Comment on High-intensity practice for Habs after loss to Flames; Blackhawks in town Tuesday night (2014-11-04 01:10:00)
    hate to have history repeat itself, but is dan bylsma available? it is a coaching issue - these are bad coaching decisions and influence, plain and simple. the existing roster is too good to be underperforming at this level.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 68 – Frankie Boo wins a wild one (2014-03-15 21:54:13)
    i think it's a bit early to judge MB. there's a lot of dead weight on the team, and most of these are contracts or trades made during gainey or gauthier: 1) gionta 2) bourque 3) moen anyway who's done some statistical analysis will tell you MT simply hasn't been coaching to the teams strengths from at least december of this season onwards. there is a coaching problem - but i'm not sure how much you can blame MB? what were the other options at the time? hartley, or a huge gamble on roy? if the habs don't make the playoffs, i think i would reserve judgement on MB until i see what he does with 1) the coach; 2) dead contracts; 3) replacements. those are critical choices i think, coming up.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 64: Markov scores in long Shootout to beat Ducks 4-3 (2014-03-05 21:03:35)
    price isn't LTIR - it's to support hamilton, and for any insurance come playoff time. weaver is signed because he's rock solid and the team badly needs a right-handed dman. he greatly equalises the balance on our backend.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 64: Markov scores in long Shootout to beat Ducks 4-3 (2014-03-05 20:32:36)
    next year's team wouldn't look too shabby. assuming gionta, parros, bouillon, and murray are out - we'd have about 27 million to resign eller (2.5 M), vanek (or replacement, 7 M), weise (1M), white(1M), markov (5M), subban (8), and weaver (or equivalent, 1.5 M) - that looks to work and looks like a flexible space to start from. leaving some combination of: max-dd-vanek (or replacement) galchenyuk-eller-gallagher bourque-plec-briere weise-white-moen-prust-bournival markov-subban gorges-emelin tinordi-beaulieu weaver (or replacement) price budaj as bourque, moen, and briere's contracts expire the team is in an even stronger position to strengthen the bottom 6 or the blueline. or you can trade 1 or more of these players and split vanek's salary on two mid-range players...there's a lot of possibilities here.
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-04 15:50:24)
    i stand corrected.
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-04 15:45:35)
    how did weaver command a 5th round pick, when all it took was a 4th for penner? can someone explain this to a bonafide trade amateur like myself?
  • Comment on About this season … and next season … and the one after that … (2013-05-10 05:47:13)
    I'm struck by Ottawa's ability to beat us despite a cap hit that is more than 10 million less, without Spezza or an effective Karlsson for much of the series. It is indeed a testament to size, strength, and effective un-costly contracts. Guillaume Latendresse is their fourth highest paid forward. Really. I think it points to a serious rethink in a Habs strategy that has continuously relied on speed, skill, and character, with less emphasis on pure weight. The sad issue is that under the current roster, playoff success with limited penalty-calling is going to depend on taking hits and maintaining speed - everyone will have to perform like Gallagher. This is simply not possible. I think it is a very good thing that the Canadiens failed in such spectacular fashion this year. Bergevin now knows the changes to yield long-term playoff success - relatively low-intensity regular season hockey shoudn't be the concern. The issue is sustainability, depth, size, and strength to continue to fight through long, physical playoff games. The focus is on reasonably contending within 2-3 years, I think. To this end: DEFENSE 1) Buy out Kaberle immediately. 2) Wait it out on Markov until his contract ends next year. He's done. 3) Emelin - lock him up. 4) Diaz - wait and see on final year of his contract next year. But I think it doesnt really matter. Too soft and too small. 5) Drewiski - no 6) Tinordi and Beaulieu - future looks excellent. Continue developing. Tinordi was exceptional during the series, I think. 7) Bouillon - I like him as a 5th-6th paired with a large D, but he's nearing his end. I still think he'll be useful next year for a final year. 8) Subban - lock up long-term. He, not Price, is the cornerstone of the organisation now with Chucky/Gally coming. 9) Gorges - find a way to trade him. This is a problem contract. 10) The focus, if there is any cap space left next year, is to get a good, strong, tall, D-man, immediately. FORWARDS 1) Gionta - I think the team will have to wait out the final year of his contract next year. 2) Desharnais - trade him while you can, or be forced to wait it out as he drops down the depth chart over the next few years. 3) Plekanec - if there is a small guy to keep it is him. 4) Ryder - gone and hopefully replace with a better alternative. 5) Bourque - I think he's had a strong year on the whole. Gritty talented forward. 6) Chucky - continue developing but exciting. 7) Gally - continue developing but exciting. 8) Prust - continues to be an excellent deal. 9) Moen - paid slightly too much to be a crappy fourth liner but hopefully he improves. I still believe he is good depth to have. 10) Pacioretty - I am going to continue to believe that his subpar season and horrendous playoffs were a combination of bad injuries and 2nd season star complex. I think he'll bounce back and continue to be a strong driving forward. 11) Eller - future looks great. 12) White - continue supporting. 13) Halpern - I love guys like this, maybe a little younger, come playoff time. Price - I continue believing he's an excellent and possibly elite-level goalie, too cool for his own good, and with continued nagging flaws in his own game. However, I think the defence has really let him down throughout the year, and that this is not reflected in the stats.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-02 22:32:45)
    i don't think the issue is skill - it's intuition, something softer. price has always struck me as cool and calm, too cool for his own good. have you seen theodore's vezina winning season? solid goaltending is skill, that is price. elite level goaltending is skill and something else altogether. certain goalies (ie theodore) have it for a specific period of time. historic goalies (ie roy) have it most of the time.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-02 22:06:37)
    i say stick with price for the duration of the series as a test. it's clear that there is a clear weakness in our third line defense and we have a goaltender who is not making critical saves to back them up. we continue to miss size. not meant as criticism because there are still many positives - with a bit more gas and more driving to the net we have a solid set of forwards (a bit more depth would always help of course!). it is really a make or break year for price. i don't think he can save the series on his own but he is giving up goals at critical moments. oddly enough ottawa's opportunism is reminiscent of the early 2000 habs - exactly what i miss.