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  • Comment on Habs 2, Senators 1: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-02-03 19:58:19)
    Halak is a better than average goalie but will never make the allstar game. Price will win a cup someday and the top goalie award. I would never trade even steven today nor would I have traded even steven in 2010.
  • Comment on Subban changing tires on Crescent St. tomorrow (2011-06-11 11:24:42)
    I can just imagine the president of the United States travelling on a commercial airline. You cannot have your head of your government travelling on a commercial airline for obvious reasons. So what we are saying is he does not have the right to attend a hockey game out of the country. Of course he does but he has to have his own transportation. He also paid for his flight and tickets. Now of course it did not cover the entire cost but that is the price of being the head of government. so what did this cost the tax payer? I would suggest about 50 cents per person. I think we would all feel pretty bad if he flew commercial and the plane were hijacked regardless of which party your vote for. It is time we Canadians woke up and realized that there is a cost that we have to bare to protect our leaders. That is my opinion and it would be the same no matter what party leader as PM took the flight.
  • Comment on Two days, two signings (2011-06-11 11:05:10)
    I most definetly think that AK46 will start out on the third line with Eller, the two of them developed chemistry in the playoffs and this line will give the habs three offensive lines that can score goals. Desharnais adds speed and grit for a little guy and don't be surprised if they are not our second best line before the year is out. This of course will only happen if we can find someone to replace AK46 on Plex/Cammy line. There are three other reasons for that this will happen, (1) AK has to work harder and he seems to take a leadership role on that line with the two kids. 2) We need a stronger power forward to make space for Plex and Cammy on that line and AK has had two years to do this and has not been successful. 3) AK signed a 1 year contract, if he proves he can be productive he could get a raise, if he does not prove he can then we either sign him for less next year or trade him by the trading deadline. I like AK's game last year because he started being more physical which again is a good thing for the two kids on his line. This line will add to the speed of our team as well as make us more dangerous. So I would not run down this suggestion just because we are paying him $3.25M.