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  • Comment on Multimedia: HIO at practice (2011-12-05 11:14:57)
    lol , but there is smoke from what I have heard
  • Comment on Multimedia: HIO at practice (2011-12-05 11:09:14)
    Is something up in Gomez land ? I think so
  • Comment on Jagr interested in joining Habs? (2011-06-17 21:55:57)
    For the right price I would sign Jagr in a flash. He will most likely cost less than AK47 and still produce more pts than him at almost 40yrs of age. Also as one journalist pointed out the other day Gauthier should play the Holmgren card and go over the cap during the summer and sign Wiz. He has the whole summer to figure out what to do with Spacek. If no one bites for Spacek send him to the minors , your D with Wiz Subban Markov Gorges Weber Yemelin is set for many years to come. All great teams solidify their D and goaltending before tackling upfront!!!
  • Comment on Two days, two signings (2011-06-10 13:59:04)
    Good signing by PG , but IMO Konopka is not what we need. Yes he will protect or try to protect our talented players but he is not going to stop the other teams from taking runs at our players. He doesn't strike fear or make the other teams have 2nd thoughts about taking runs at our small players. I personally think a guy like John Scott in Chicago would good for us. 6'8" 250lbs And will not think twice to put someone in their place. This guy is what we need on our 4th line IMO