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  • Comment on Kovy, Sopes both headed for the KHL (2011-07-31 12:33:43)
    I saw almost all of Kovy's games as a Hab. He was missed when he went to Ottawa. I'll never forget all those acccurate wrist shot goals from over there on the side on the power play. Our power play never replaced him. I never thought he was that lazy. Carbonneau made too much of that. As a back checker maybe he was lax but what great player backchecks these days? Not Ovechkin. Who is paying Kovy's 20,000,000 salary balance? Pittsburgh? The Russians or is it a bit of the Huet deal? Huet had to play regularly to be great. He didn't in Montreal and he didn't in Chicago, but I realize it was his mistake to leave Washington where he would have been a permanent great starter. I bet he's back in the NHL in 2012/2013.
  • Comment on One W away (2011-06-11 01:44:55)
    Let's not downplay the significance of Max's goal. Most guys in the NHL will never get one that important. If Vancouver loses game 6 that goal got them into the 7th game of the Stanley Cup and if they win it in 6 he got them there. I'm happy for him. He's shown good moves. He should score more. He will get better. And oh by the way when are the Habs going to game 7 of the Stanley Cup? Ans: 2012
  • Comment on Canadiens sign AK46 (2011-06-10 00:25:40)
    Glad they got AK. I watch every game and one of the great pleasures we get as fans is watching a beautiful skater and he is one. I think the reason he doesn't try a little harder is there's too many guys ahead of him making more money . He plays well enough to earn his salary. I don't know what the answere is to that. Give it all every game AK. Get 50 and get 6,000,000 next year.