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  • Comment on On to New Jersey (2011-12-09 10:31:51)
    Remember when PG talked about only needing to tweak a solid lineup this year. He added Cole and preened that we were ready to compete for a cup. The guy is not a good enough GM. Period.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens blow lead, salvage a point (2011-12-08 23:09:44)
    If you're going to force the fans to watch this kind of soul-numbing hockey, there is no excuse to be 11-18 in the regular season. They have a small supposedly skilled team that can't score 5-5,5-4,4-4 or 1-1. It's a disgrace.
  • Comment on Mighty Blue Jackets visit the Bell Centre (2011-12-06 12:30:27)
    I want to have fun with this team, but the on-ice product keeps getting in the way. Still, Go Habs Go tonight.
  • Comment on Mighty Blue Jackets visit the Bell Centre (2011-12-06 12:28:07)
    The only problem is that there's a huge gap in our prospects coming to the NHL. The 07 class provided a bunch of key players, but since then, no pick has made it to the NHL yet. Doesn't mean they're all busts but it sure does mean they're not here.
  • Comment on Mighty Blue Jackets visit the Bell Centre (2011-12-06 12:26:21)
    Wouldn't having a mediocre lineup that lacks size, grit and a PP be part of the team's "circumstances." Isn't a GM with a top-level budget expected to ice a team that can compete. Even under adverse "circumstances." I mean Markov hasn't really played in two years. Spacek is 37. Campoli was unsigned all summer. White is a fourth liner. Can they really claim that they counted on these players to make the Habs a winner?
  • Comment on Mighty Blue Jackets visit the Bell Centre (2011-12-06 12:21:05)
    What bugs me is Shannahan was just on the Radio with Melnick talking about he just watches the incidents and makes the call. If he was on a desert island and had sufficient coverage, he'd make the same call. So where's the Tootoo decision? Could it possibly be that because of how ridiculously he blew the Lucic hit on Miller, he's painted himself into a corner on what should be (and likely will be) a simple ruling that the game misconduct was enough. Whatever the reason, the decision should've come down Monday. Delaying isn't making the NHL's unforgivable inconsistency in applying discipline any less obvious. I cannot for the life of me understand why a guy with a reputation like Shanny took a job that requires him to be the public apologist for a league riddled with cronyism and inconsistency. Well, he chose to be a stooge and he's quickly becoming one in the public mind.
  • Comment on Multimedia: HIO at practice (2011-12-05 11:56:07)
    I have no problem with it whatsoever. He's a first year pro, and missed a ton of time to injury this season and last. A handfull of games on the 4th line in the NHL is plenty for him to experience. Pat Burns kept Joe Thornton on the 4th line pretty much his whole rookie season. At Louis age (and with his frame) thrusting him into a top 9 role in the NHL may not be doing him a favour. Frankly setting up practice so that it most enables Louis Leblanc's develpoment and not so that it sets up the team to win its next game would be stupid. This isn't training camp.
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-05 10:55:47)
    This is a complete falsehood Boston fans like to keep spreading. The fact is Miller said he had disk damage (quite serious) in his neck and wasn't sure if he had actually been concussed. However, doctors both at the time and subsequently diagnosed him with a concussion, his own doubts notwithstanding. Guy didn't miss 8 games because he was faking it, and the idea that Lucic breaking his neck is somehow sooo much better than Lucic concussing him is stupid. Once again Boston fans make excuses for why the severe injuries their players cause don't really count.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens video, Martin audio after loss to Oilers (2011-11-08 23:15:21)
    They didn't outplay the Oilers. They outshot them by throwing the puck on net from anywhere they could. Ten of their shots were from stupid angles, the one goal they scored was a fluke. The Oilers had almost as many breakaways as the Habs had real scoring chances, frankly. Could the Habs have won, absolutely. But what's missing from the coverage of the game is that the Oilers were TERRIBLE, they were PATHETIC. And the habs not only didn't take advantage, they barely tried. Anyone who paid cash (I paid 350 bucks, thanks) isn't being consoled by the lop-sided stats sheet. The game wasn't nearly so lop-sided. The Oilers sucked as bad as any team has in the last decade, when the was the last time the Habs gave up so few shots? And they still deserved to win!
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens video, Martin audio after loss to Oilers (2011-11-08 23:07:16)
    I've been to hundreds of games, literally, and I've seen many times when the Habs were robbed by great goaltending. This wasn't one of them. Frankly the Habs didn't deserve the one goal they got. They were pathetic, aboslutely heartless, gutless, and effortless. The Oilers barely managed 14 shots and THEY WERE THE BETTER TEAM. Reffing sucked, Oilers sucked and your Montreal Canadiens sucked more. Truly pathetic. Again, out of hundreds of Habs games I have gone to this was one of the ten worst performances I've ever seen. The fact that the Oilers didn't even have to show up to win 3-1 is not the compliment to the Habs that Martin and the players think it is. Bad teams find a way to lose.