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  • Comment on Theodore among former Habs available in free-agent pool (2013-06-20 12:04:44)
    In my wettest dream, these are the moves I make to get bigger and more competitive if I'm MB this summer. Now I know this is hardly plausible and don't see us winning any bidding wars for those top UFA's and also that the players involved in these trades all have NTC, but I'm bored at work and feel like fantasizing a little. I'd start with the Kaberle buyout of course, freeing up roughly 4.25 M. At the draft, I find trading partners for Gionta (5M), Plekanec (5M), Markov (5.75) and maybe Weber? Doing so to either get more picks in this deep draft or move up in the top 10. This could free up roughy 20M. On the UFA market, I sign Clarkson at 5.5M, Bickell at 4.5-5M, Clowe anywhere between 4-5M and Hannan at 1.5-2M. God knows we have to overpay our UFA here in mtl, but even then...the chances of any of that happening are slim to none; except maybe for the Hannan pickup. With these changes, my lineup looks something like this: Prust - Galchy - Gally Bourque-Eller-Clarkson MaxPac -DD - Bickell Moen-Dumont-Clowe Subban-Tinordi Emelin-Diaz Gorges-Bouillon Beaulieu-Hannan Drewiske With that top 10 pick I select either one of Nurse, Ristolainen. Since the forward depth is excellent this year, I'd keep the 2nd and later rounds to stock up the pipeline up front...one can always dream, have a good summer everyone!
  • Comment on Predators match Flyers’ offer for Weber (2012-07-25 22:52:37)
    Shane Doan meets Marc Bergevin next week and "La Grande Séduction" begins. They talk about what direction the team is headed in, the new philosophy and what role he would have on the team. Bergevin gives Doan a tour of the Bell Center, the Brossard Complex and the city. Doan is not convinced so MB offers him a 1 year/6M$ contract but tells him that if the team is out of the playoffs come trade deadline, he would get traded to a contender. We get Doan for almost an entire season, we get some assets at the deadline and Doan gets a shot at the cup. Plus, if he enjoyed his time here, liked playing alongside his cousin, he could sign for a few years next summer and settle down. The Habs would have to alleviate their salary cap by moving any of Gomez or Kaberle. Gionta seems to be the popular choice because of the surplus at RW but I don't see the organisation getting rid of their captain who's been a steady 25-30 goal scorer. Does anyone think this could happen, or is this scenario absurd?
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-05 13:55:16)
    Why compare apples to oranges? Skinner has more value than Nash IMO. Just considering the age factor, the fact Skinner plays at center and his immense potential. Skinner is probably the best skater in the NHL and his potential is unlimited.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 16:51:40)
    Eric Nystrom, our 7th round pick in this year’s draft, was invited to a tournament in preparation for the WJC with countryman Sebastien Collberg. Source: http://hockeysverige.se/article/13251814/sasongens-forsta-team-20-trupp Now we’ve had plenty of info concerning Collberg, but not much about Nystrom. Could he be our next Zetterberg? Some people from the hockeysfuture forum sure think so. He apparently outplayed teammate Henrik Samuelsson, who went 1st round this year, on the MODO squad. Here are some of the posts from some MODO fans at hockeysfuture who got to see him play: “Nyström is an incredible skater, good vision and also a very technically skilled player. Samuelsson on the other hand is a terrible skater and he didnt backcheck at all in MODO but perhaps Samuelsson needed more time to adjust to big rinks. Also, when you look at how many points they put up you should know Samuelsson got to play alot (including pp time). Nyström didnt get many minutes and still put up as much + not being completely useless defensively.” “Insane speed, good vision and great work ethic. Played solid in the few SEL-games he got to play last season and will be fighting to grab one of the last spots on the senior team next year. “A very exciting player to watch, with his speed and puck control he makes things happen almost every time he's on the ice.”I've already posted about his strenghts so I thought I'd tell you about his weaknesses even though there isnt much of that. He doesnt have a great shot but it's still average atleast. He tends to overdo things sometimes but MODOs whole J20 team seemed to do that in the playoffs.. Strenghts: Incredibly good skater, good vision, very good technique etc. as me and others have already said. He actually were the best player for MODO in one or two of the games he played in SEL which is incredible for a kid that young, but for whatever reason he didnt get a real chance to prove himself. He absolutely should this year though. Hard to believe he went in the 6th round. I dont know if Detroit were interested him in but this is the type of player Detroit generally aims for in the later rounds. Of course they didnt take him though as I'm a MODO and Detroit fan which is a bit sad. Perphaps they know something I dont or Håkan just didnt have much say in this years draft. I'm not a proscout after all This is what I have to say for now. I'll come back and give you updates when the season starts. I know for fact Swedens U20 head coach Roger Rönnberg really like Nyström so perhaps we will get to see Nyström represent Sweden in the upcoming WJC in Russia.” Source: http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1214893 That being said, these opinions are not the ones of professional scouts and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Nonetheless this has got me very excited about this player and I hope he can crack the Swedish team for the upcoming WJC. I look forward to seeing him at camp this week, hopefully someone can get some footage of him. All I could find was this sequence : http://www.elitserienplay.se/#/video.1165545808001 He’s #36 and gets a nice assist at the 1:32 mark.
  • Comment on Wisniewski has shared Markov’s pain (2011-12-06 16:36:10)
    Ribeiro for Niinima anyone?
  • Comment on Habs visit dying Ducks (2011-11-30 09:36:50)
    If there's someone I would go after from the ducks, it's their WHL prospect Emerson Etem. The kid is tearing it up the with the Medicine Hat Tigers.
  • Comment on Leblanc a nice, round number for Habs – with audio (2011-11-29 11:51:57)
    This is great news for Leblanc, a player in the mold of a certain Patrice Bergeron. Although Louis is definitively more of a late bloomer, no doubt in my mind he will have an impact on our top 6 in the NHL sooner than later. This is a player who's always been defensively aware, playing a gritty game, going to the net and winning his battles in corners and along the boards. He also has produced at a point per game pace after his second Midget AAA season; season where he scored 54 goals and 91 pts in 43 games compared to Bergerons 62 pts in 38 games at that level. Of course Bergeron made the Bruins at 18 and has developed into one of the best 2way forwards in the game. But like mentioned above, he'll be more of a late bloomer imo, having played less games in college hockey and with that shoulder injury.. I expect great things from this guy and know he won't disappoint. Plus he's exactly the type of player that Martin loves; don't be surprised if he stays with the team longer than those 3 games and moves up to number 1 on the teams depth chart.
  • Comment on Leblanc a nice, round number for Habs – with audio (2011-11-29 11:35:41)
    If only we had an overpaid under-performing player we could send down to the farm team...
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-29 09:26:01)
    Wisniewski's a right-handed shot btw...just saying
  • Comment on Reflections on a tight loss (2011-11-22 10:48:26)
    Emelin is really getting used to north american ice, I can see why PG brought him over. I think he looks better every game. As he gets more comfortable, his gap control is getting tighter, he's finding those passing/shooting lanes and using either his body or stick to block them. His positioning is a lot better than it was early in the season; he stopped chasing the opposition behind the net. If he keeps progressing at this rate, we will have a very solid top 4 once Markov is healthy. On another note, why the hell is Gomez getting so much ice time while Eller, who's shown great promise early in the season, barely plays. JM is going to burn this kid. He's big, wins his battles in the corners and along the boards and except for the occasional turnover, his defensive game is very good for a young lad. I hope this is temporary until AK46 is healthy, they seem to have great chemistry together. This duo is a constant threat in the offensive zone, always working hard. I hope JM doesn't fuck it up, Kostitsyn finally figured out his role as a mentor for Eller. Those two finding their game could be the difference between making the playoffs or not.