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Habs fan since: 1985
Favorite current player: Steve Begin, Saku Koivu, Tomas Plekanec, Andrei/Sergei Kostitsyn, Carey Price
All-time favorite player: Patrick Roy, Kirk Muller


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  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-15 18:32:42)
    I'd like to quote George Bush in response: "Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, well... I-I caint get fooled again." And as per your question about how is he good for hockey... did you read my post? I thought I made some valid points. Don't worry Rob, you're good for hockey too.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-15 17:40:00)
    I'd like to give credit where credit is due: Eklund, love him or hate him, is a diehard hockey fan. He lives and breathes arena air like a lot of us. He'd forego water in favour of zamboni snow if it came down to it. Say what you want to say about his buzzing about rumours; the man is good for hockey. Sure he's wrong or off the mark a good part of the time. OK, his sources might be Ogie Ogilthorpe and the ghost of Tim Horton. What matters to me is that he has made a good living off generating buzz about hockey. He has a knack for putting puzzle pieces together. The Higgins-Gaborik connection makes sense when you look at the two teams's managerial connections, perceived needs and so on. So what if it's a false rumour--it sure is compelling and has fueled loads of discussion. Right or wrong, Eklund is good for hockey, simple as that. Take him with a grain of salt and you won't get hurt.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-15 12:34:01)
    If you look at the cap numbers it doesn't work. With Higgy at $1.7 mil. we'd have to offload some salary somewhere (in the range of 4 million) in order to accomodate Gaborik's $6.33 million under the cap. I don't see it happening: Timmins is high on McDonagh, Higgins is younger and cheaper and Gaborik is injury prone and not a proven playoff performer. If we wanted someone like Gaborik we should have signed Kristian Huselius in the off-season. No thanks.