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  • Comment on Dryden calls for tougher head contact rules (2011-10-01 04:34:12)
    Disappointed in Dryden here a little. Everyone already knows that change has to happen to the game. I expect Dryden to offer an educated opinion on how to improve the safety of the game, not to point out what the problem is. The facts regarding head injuries have been available for awhile. No disrespect to his opinion, but Ken should tell people what is needed for improvements to the game, rather than point out the already evident faults of the game. This has been discussed in all circles of hockey. And Dryden is considered one of the greatest minds involved in hockey over the past half-century. Really he can offer us more than a diagnosis. On a side note, I just found my long lost copies of his two books 'Home Game' and 'In School'. Can't wait to re-read them.
  • Comment on Palushaj makes a point, plus video (2011-09-25 02:02:51)
    Cammalleri tuned Krejci last season as well.
  • Comment on TORRES! TORRES! TORRES! (2011-06-02 01:57:23)
    Ian Mendes should check his stats before tweeting. The '03 Ducks lost in the finals.
  • Comment on A Cup for the Q (2011-05-31 03:11:08)
    TomNickle Since you’re trolling now, I’ll indulge you. Ken Dryden won cups with half of his team, if not more being French Canadian. But let’s not allow facts to get in the way of personal opinion. Keep going. In 2001-02, the Canadiens had more than half a roster of French Canadian players and how well did they do? They had an amazing 87 points in the regular season.