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Habs fan since: 1990
Favorite current player: Mike Cammalleri/P.K. Subban/ Ryan White
All-time favorite player: Yvan Cournoyer


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  • Comment on Two days, two signings (2011-06-10 12:28:33)
    NO! STAY AWAY FROM PONIKAROVSKY! If the Leafs don't want him, just stay away.
  • Comment on Two days, two signings (2011-06-10 12:21:30)
    A big scoring winger is imperative. Your gritty player with intensity for the 4th line is white. The mentions of Konopka are very appealing. A great faceoff man that is physical and will stand up for his teammates. That would be a solid 4th line. Moen-Konopka-White. This team has a couple shutdown defencemen already. Gill and Gorges are great at that. Looking at Yemelin's physicallity, he could jump into a shutdown roll aswell. Markov and Subban, Gill and Gorges, Spacek(ugh) and Yemelin. But I can also see Markov and Gorges then Gill and Subban. That looks like a pretty good D to me. If they can find a way to get rid of Spacek and sign Wiz, were golden back there. Cammy - Pleks- ___?___ Pac- G-Love- Gio Kush - Eller - Darche Moen - Konopka - White Markov - Gorges Gill - Subban Spacek - Yemelin Weber - Mara(?) Price _________ That missing peice, and we look like a real good hockey team.
  • Comment on Two days, two signings (2011-06-10 12:04:57)
    Not a bad call on Gagne, but will we be able to afford him and will he prefer to stay with Tampa, they've got a pretty good thing going.
  • Comment on Confetti, rally drums and another Bruin escapes (2011-06-02 22:43:30)
  • Comment on Maybe Game 2 will be better (2011-06-02 22:39:30)
    Too bad Burrows wasn't playing for the Habs during Ferences salute to the crowd. Or Mike Tyson... He deserved to have his finger bitten too!
  • Comment on Maybe Game 2 will be better (2011-06-02 22:37:17)
    Bergeron had no business there anyway. Burrows was sticking up for Sedin, who was getting the post-whistle Bruins crap. Bergeron decided to stick his fingers in the matter and look what happened... I woulda done the same! Bergeron is the only Bruin I could say I like... but even he's got his Bruin moments...
  • Comment on Confetti, rally drums and another Bruin escapes (2011-05-27 14:45:25)
    It just figures that they wouldn't recieve discipline for either the post-game goonery or horton squirting that fan. It's too bad that guy didn't at least get to keep the water bottle Horton threw at him either. The security guard should have at least let him have it haha. I don't understand why the NHL let's those goofs get away with next to everything! I hope the classy team wins this series, they deserve it. St. Louis has been a beast. 1 for Roloson, one more for Habs South
  • Comment on Back to Boston (2011-05-26 14:13:03)
    7-0 in elemination games. one more to go in this series. Roloson's their guy. Smith lost... Roloson is the one to go with for game 7, he got them this far.
  • Comment on Back to Boston (2011-05-26 14:10:59)
    Bring up Jimmy Bonneau, just for games against Boston.
  • Comment on Back to Boston (2011-05-26 13:59:48)
    That's not what this organizations about. We get on just fine by taking the puck and skating around them. We don't back down during after the whistle altercations and Evgeny Arthukyn is not our answer. Ryan White could do whatever job you want arthukyn to do.. Why did you pick his name from all the other options out there? Last time we tried getting a touted heavywheight, look what happened... We kicked him off the team... It's just not our thing. Besides, Lucic and Horton are just classless bums and are not worth us remodeling our team in the slightest on account of their crap.