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  • Comment on Boston was better (2011-05-20 16:10:04)
    Thanks LA...great tips, I appreciate it. you must be a closet LEAF FAN! How's that for wrapping up with an insult?....too harsh right?! Sorry, I'm still learning ;)
  • Comment on Boston was better (2011-05-20 15:54:13)
    I agree, it's all about timing. Webber's value now is good but could be better in a couple months (like at the deadline) or years (like next year)...the point to moving him now (With Spatch) was to be able to keep a known talent like wiz (45+ points) or be able to bid for someone else we want AND create some room for the incoming talent (there's a log jam right now of offensive defensemen). Double benefit. Either way Webber is one of our only attractive nhl experience pieces that we have depth I said he could be the key :) And btw, I really like webber so I'd prefer not to lose him....but I feel like he will eventually be part of a trade.
  • Comment on Boston was better (2011-05-20 14:14:55)
    Webber - he’s the key The way I see it, he is our most marketable and tradeable asset that can help solve a lot of the teams issues via a trade. Before you shoot me, hear me out (I'm a first time poster so I don't want to get in a war over this. Nothing personal against any player, I’m just trying to think of ways for the team to get better). First, we are currently stacked on offensive defensemen (Subban, Markov, Wiz, Webber, Diaz..and some of the AHL guys are starting to show promise), so losing Webber is not going to kill us short or long term because someone else in the system will step up. On the flip side though, his “potential” allows us to negotiate a trade that can include a less valuable asset of ours (i.e. Spacek…I’d say gomez but it would take more then webber for that). I think most people will agree that no one is going to take Spacek off our hands alone….but what if you throw in Webber…then it becomes more interesting and doable. An NHL ready young up and coming versatile power play specialist that has a low cap hit…I’m sure some teams would take spacek for 1 year for the potential to get that. If I were montreal, I’d even ask for a 3rd round or AHL guy coming back our way with that salary dump. In addition to opening up cap space, we also open up badly needed roster spots for others to be able to grow and show case their skill. So with the savings on Spacek, we could resign wiz or a good forward long term (or other combos)…with the opening of 2 roster spots on defense we can also start preparing our next generation of players (like Diaz as a #7 – Why sign him if he wasn’t going to play in the NHL soon. Which won’t happen with Webber around). This leaves room and money for the following (ignore the pairings, because I’m not as focused on that) Yemelin –Markov Subban -Gill (or Hammer) Gorges-Wiz Diaz (or someone from the AHL team ready for his shot). That’s still a rock solid lineup that can put up a ton of points (Wiz, PK, Markov..probably Diaz) and have veteran leadership. IT also allows us the roster spots to be able to show case Diaz an YEmelin for next year, in case we need to use them as trade bait Btw, even if we don’t use webber for a trade this year, as long as he continues to progress, he will be even more marketable for us next year to potentially trade Gomez (if he doesn't pick up his game this next season). Just a thought