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  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 15:27:40)
    Hands has to be Lemieux or Jagr
  • Comment on Brisebois leaving job as Habs player development coach (2014-07-21 08:16:39)
    I guess when he's 28 or 29 he can move to centre? Crosby, Toews, Getzlaf, Spezza, MacKinnon, etc etc etc all played at center right away and it didn't hurt them at all aside from learning their postion at the NHL level. I'm not suggesting Galchenyuk is the next Crosby, but he is or could have been, an elite level center if he hasn't been stunted already. I don't understand the fear of allowing him to get better before his 30th birthday. If we can put up with DD at center and have some call him "the best we have" then playing Galchenyuk at his natural position should be nothing.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-09 11:06:12)
    Holy crap this one time 30 goal scorer is good!!! Gallagher Scherbak, De La Rose and a first????? Why not add in Carey Price for Pavelic? oh my
  • Comment on Subban and Eller file for salary arbitration (2014-07-06 10:25:59)
    If Doughty or Keith were up for a contract this season do you really think they would be looking at $7M ?
  • Comment on Subban and Eller file for salary arbitration (2014-07-06 10:24:37)
    You are talking type of player. If gomez hit 100 points each year no one would have a problem with his salary. The problem is that he was being given top player money and yet he was producing 4th line numbers so we still had to get a top line player to produce. Unfortunately with Gomez' cap hit we couldn't afford it. Pk is a top D-man in the league and will be after a contract is signed as well. This isn't a case of paying him like the best in the world to barely hold on to a roster spot and have the team looking for a same valued player to take his spot.
  • Comment on Former Hab Ryan White looking for a new team (2014-07-05 09:37:22)
    There is no way Sekac plays anywhere but Montreal this year. With 15 teams trying to sign him I'm sure he positioned himself into a roster spot and not a "Potential" roster spot.
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 08:18:55)
    I'm still waiting for MT to turn Subban loose.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-02 09:12:25)
    So after the big free agent frenzy the habs look like this: Patches - DD- Gallagher Plex - Galchenyuk - Parenteau Bourque - Eller - Sekac Prust - Malhotra - Weise EX : Moen, Bournival Markov - Subban Beaulieu-Gilbert Emelin - Tinordi EX:Weaver, Pateryn Price Budaj Tokarski (needs to clear waivers to be sent down?) I'm not one for making lines up so forgive that, but Galchenyuk has to be at center this season no matter what. Plex will also be at center as well so.... I don't know what they plan. With this line up, there is no one else to sign. I read on twitter yesterday that Sekac has 30 goal NHL potential and that's why so many teams were after him. He played a few games in the OHL so he does know how it is here already, and it shouldn't be too big of a step for him to play in the smaller rinks.
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-07-01 08:51:08)
    I disagree Ian. PK took it in the last negotiation and has now done everything and more than was asked of him since. MB knew this could go either way and his decision was made and accepted once he played hardball with a bridge deal. If PK faltered, MB would get a great deal, but since it went the opposite way, MB knew it would be more expensive. PK getting top dollar doesn't mean anything to where his heart is. Markov taking less to stay with his career team for his last few seasons is a terrible example. Markov is on the way out and PK is on the way up. Since PK is having very little to do with the actual negotiations, we know that the salary is easily comparative to others and its a place to work from, and that part is up to his agent. There will also be some significant pressure from the NHLPA to raise/set levels for D-men with that caliber of success. A player friend of mine was re-signing with his team 5-6 years ago and was asked to take an under market offer for the betterment of the team. Even though it was up to him and his agent, he told me the PA was constantly monitoring the details and aggressively pushing his agent daily for him to take nothing less than market value. I can't imagine this being any different since most defense tend to make less than forwards do, at the peak of their positions. It could be seen as an opportunity for the PA to raise the bar for that position even more. Just my opinion, but its rarely so cut and dried
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-07-01 08:04:48)
    If MB has pissed Price off by trying to deal Gorges "out of the blue", should he just bite the bullet and piss Pacioretty off too and give DD away.