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  • Comment on Spacek on memorable, surreal Habs experience (2012-05-26 22:50:11)
    Here's the difference between Stubbs and Gagnon: Cammy said "We need to have the same winning mentality we had in the playoffs where we said to ourselves 'we can beat anyone'". Gagnon PUBLISHED "Cammy said 'We play like losers'". Gagnon, after the trade, even said "I miss-translated his quote". (bullshit) Stubbs, in this article, is quoting what Spac said.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville is first trade of the day. (2012-02-27 15:18:47)
    So Gaustad has 17 points on the year, Kostitsyn 24. Both are having off years and are UFA's at the end of the season. Kostitsyn, in less years played than Gaustad, has more points. Yet Gaustad (and a 4th rnd) went to NSH for a 1st rounder. Well done GOAT on marketing Kostitsyn, you obviously squeezed them for all you could by making that early trade!
  • Comment on Canadiens make two minor moves (2011-07-07 18:22:56)
    The club, as a public entertainment organization, needs to inform the media, fans, etc. of a change to the roster/club. It would seem pretty unprofessional/classless if part of the notification was of how much the professional is making. When you get hired does an email go out through the company informing all the employees of your salary? Do you post how much you make on Facebook? The Canadiens, as an entity of the NHL are subject to its rules and thus have to submit the contract (including salary breakdown) which in turn becomes public. In Ontario (maybe it's Canada) when a public servant (teacher, police officer, etc) makes over $100k/yr it is to be published (once per year). This law is a requirement and is very different from the employer making a press statement saying "John Doe, teacher just joined this school for $100k. That is all".
  • Comment on Keep cool on Gorges (2011-07-06 15:59:05)
    That was the theory originally. However, both were offered so much money there was no way either one would refuse. I always imagine "what if" we kept Koivu and McDonagh at half the salary of Gomez.
  • Comment on Keep cool on Gorges (2011-07-06 15:47:31)
    People don't seem to understand Gorges' worth. He's probably going to get around 3.5M per year and be worth every penny. Before he went down to injury this year he led MTL in hits, blocked shots, PK time and QoC. He was 9th in the league of defenceman for QoC in fact. Of the elite shutdown dmen around the league I'm pretty sure he's the youngest, making what he does that much more impressive. I would never package Gorges in a trade, nor complain about any salary he gets. I just hope it's at least 5 years in lenght. Edit: Gorges is top 4, not top 6. Most likely he'll play first pairing with Markov this year.
  • Comment on Audio: Habs sign Cole, Budaj; Hamrlik, Halpern join Caps, Pouliot to Bruins, Auld to Senators (2011-07-01 11:55:29)
    That was the former owner forcing BG to do so, in order to sell tickets.
  • Comment on Audio: Habs sign Cole, Budaj; Hamrlik, Halpern join Caps, Pouliot to Bruins, Auld to Senators (2011-07-01 11:53:01)
    M. Richards could play wing (like he did for Team Canada) in the top 6 or they could use him as 3rd line center ala Staal on PIT.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 11:52:29)
    I think they're grooming DD for 3rd line center. He got PK time towards the end of last season and did quite well at it. I believe they want him to play the Dave Bolland, Jordan Staal or Many Malhotra role. With some experience Eller will be a 2nd line center. The problem is he's quite not ready for it yet, the AHL won't help him and he's far better at center than wing.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 09:41:37)
    I'm pretty sure they become RFA's again. Boyd wasn't qualified last year when NSH delt him to us. He became a UFA temporarily, but because he was under 26 he became an RFA when that contract expired.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 09:39:27)
    I think they're planning for next year. Gomez's salary will be less than his cap hit making him moveable. As well, his season this year will (has to) be better so he'll be a decent 2nd line center for a team like Phoenix. By then our young'ins will have matured and we'll have Pleks, Eller and DD down the middle. I see JM grooming DD to play like Bolland.