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  • Comment on Updated: Habs’ Max Pacioretty a Masterton finalist (2012-04-24 16:22:28)
    The stanchion did lean into the hit, though accidentally. It was trying for a full body hit and only got the head. Three games.
  • Comment on Jacques Martin weighs in (2012-03-30 10:07:28)
    Enough with the McGuire stuff, leave him in broadcasting where we can all continue to hate him. The more I read about these candidates the more I think Blair Mackasey is the right guy. A little off the radar, a real smart guy with a good hockey background, give him some help with the right people and he'll be the best candidate. Most of the other candidates have too much baggage to do a good job. He's even bilingual. Whoever is hired we need more than one or two guys to do what needs to be done to regain our past prestige as the best in hockey. Let's hear some support for Blair!
  • Comment on Liveblog: GOMEZ!!! (2012-02-09 14:49:46)
    I have to agree, great post.
  • Comment on Two in a row (2012-02-08 10:44:52)
    When RC became coach I was hoping he'd do so well that management would have a tough time letting him go. Yet now I feel he's too much like J.M., last night on our first PP there was Subban who miss-handled a tough pass from the side wall that should not have been put to him as he was covered. Next PP he's not out there on the first PP unit, instead we have Pleks and Kabs and end up giving up a shortie. RC seems to always resort things that didn't work when JM was coach. We need fresh blood from the top down. New GM who hires his own coach etc.
  • Comment on Two in a row (2012-02-08 10:36:05)
    Absolute b.s.! It shouldn't be allowed, but the league will never back off on that one, they like any kind of scoring.
  • Comment on Two in a row (2012-02-08 10:33:26)
    Can't stand him either. He does all the things P.K. is accused of like the slew foot, cheap shots, whining to the refs. He's a such tough guy he specializes in jumping guys from behind like he did to P.K. when he was involved with Malkin. Funny thing is he doesn't seem to have the same bad rep that P.K. has, why is that? I don't get it.
  • Comment on Multimedia from a quiet room (2012-02-04 20:25:08)
    The anthems were ok ;)
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 18:40:01)
    Maybe more ASStute.
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 18:24:15)
    For all of the criticism that Subban is getting and all of the bullsh*t trade talk, he's still the best defenseman we have with apologies to Gorges. How many coaches would be giving him the majority of the minutes game in and game out that he gets when their jobs rely on wins and losses if he was so bad. If we have so many great D's then why is he playing? He does so many good things in a game yet so many of you pick on the one or two mistakes he makes in a game. He's 22 and trying to improve, yes he gets frustrated when he makes mistakes, yes he might be a little irritable. But who wouldn't with the constant bullsh*t he hears daily. He is a breath of fresh air on this team. Most would consider trading Price a huge mistake, so would trading P.K. Try and remember how many of the HoF defensemen that have pulled on the Canadiens jersey were stars in their first, second or even third years? How many had to step into the first pairing twosome in their 2nd year? I can't think of any. Cut the kid some slack and enjoy the ride he's giving us with the ups and the downs.
  • Comment on On to TO (2012-01-21 18:08:14)
    You make it seem so easy to be a GM, it's amazing the Ghost can't seem to do it! What colour is the sky in your world?