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  • Comment on What it means (2011-05-12 18:48:53)
    Markov was staying all along, regardless of Emelin... that was a no-brainer, as was Gorges who is an RFA on top of it. And because we're stuck with Spacek, that means we can't afford Wisniewski... sadly. I also very much appreciate what Hamrlik has done, especially in Markov's absence.. but the last 2 seasons he simply couldn't keep up come playoff time. To me it was between him and Gill, and Gill is younger, and unlike Hamrlik has consistently upped his game in the playoffs... add his mentorship of Subban and the choice is an automatic for me. Gill is also cheaper, even after Hamrlik's pay cut. My only concern was that were we letting most of our size/grit on the back end go (Hamrlik, Wiz, Sopel, Mara)... other than Gill & Subban, Markov/Gorges/Webber/Spacek is a pretty soft & small bunch. So that makes Emelin that much more interesting to us at this time, some young size/grit would be very much appreciated.