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  • Comment on St. Patrick’s Day at Bell Centre; Habs send Bournival to Hamilton for conditioning (2014-03-18 09:45:47)
    I grew up in Vermont in the 1950s and 1960s, and my family was lucky enough to live in a town with a cable system. As long as I could remember, Saturday night meant Hockey Night in Canada. Whole families would gather around their little black and white TVs and try to follow the puck! My favorite player was John Ferguson. He embodied everything that I loved about hockey. Only Gump Worsely was tougher! Remember when Gump very deliberately blocked a shot with his bare face? I became a goalie and I know how hard it is to block a shot with your face and I always wore a mask. One of the thrills of my young life was seeing John Ferguson walk by me. He was a giant! My father told me that there would never be a hockey player bigger than John Ferguson, a man's ankle's just weren't strong enough to support anyone any larger. I also remember the very nicely dressed attendants who would help you find your seat at the Forum. They dressed like flight attendants on an airplane. I can't post this without mentioning Henri Richard or Jean Belivieau. I remember being stunned at seeing Henri Richard skating around during warmups. With small easy strides, he seemed to be flying around the ice. Looking back at almost 60 years spent in a hockey rink, was there ever a bigger gentleman in any sport than Jean Beliveau? hdcase
  • Comment on Subban will win Norris Trophy: report; Melanson bashes Price (2013-06-12 08:54:07)
    Really. To make matters worse, they had pulled together in the previous series. The number 3,4 and 5 leading scores in the SC are all from Pittsburgh. I don't put all of the collapse on Bysma though, I don't think anyone could have pulled that locker room together. I thought Crosby and Malkin absolutely threw away the first two games. Iginla is a shadow of his former self but so is Jagr and somehow, Jagr managed to contribute. I hate to say it because he has always carried so much weight, but I would be thinking about trading Crosby to the weakest team possible and pick up as many first round draft picks as I could. hdcase
  • Comment on Current and former Habs get into Grand Prix weekend (2013-06-10 14:52:30)
    He still yaps too much. He spent way too much time in the first game yapping at the refs. However, I was really impressed how he picked up his game in the fourth game against Boston. He was clearly not feeling well after that hit from Paille. NBC showed him with his head between his knees twice. I was worried that he wasn't going to come back out at all but somehow, he pulled himself together and played his best game of the series. hdcase
  • Comment on 1993 Stanley Cup flashback: Habs win Game 3 on LeClair’s OT goal (2013-06-05 10:35:46)
    I actually like the present system and it makes sense to me. I love playoff hockey because it is so wide open and the refs try to take a back seat. One of the best games I've ever seen was a couple of years ago when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. In the seventh game of the Tampa/Boston series, the refs put their whistles away and "let the boys play". It was just great end to end action with both teams ripping off one great play after another. That being said, you can't call a regular season game like that because first, the players can't and won't play that wide open game night after night and second, too many people would get hurt. Also, I think the refs have to clamp down when a game gets out of hand. It's frustrating if your team gets called for something that wasn't a penalty earlier in the game but as long as the calls go both ways, both teams just have to be smart enough and controlled enough to realize the refs are now looking for calls. It's also been my experience that the refs will loudly warn both benches that enough is enough. hdcase
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-04 10:14:09)
    You have to remember that Seguin plays for an organization that does not take pride in taking dives and embellishing hits. He took a stick to the ribs, but below his shoulder pads. The kidney pads on his pants may have helped a bit but still the stick broke on a low hit. I'm just surprised he was able to come back. I really doubt any embellishment was needed. Kessel? Ask Brian Burke what he thinks of *that* trade. Henry Case
  • Comment on Enjoy Night 1 of Second Season? (2012-04-12 09:27:40)
    What was your biggest surprise of the 2011-2012 season (so far)? Personally, I'm stunned with the way the Leafs' season turned out. Burke has a proven track record of putting together excellent teams. I figured that he would finally have something to show this year. Did weak goal tending do him in? hdcase
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-29 12:32:56)
    I can see your point, I hadn't seen the Malone on Campoli hit. It's really splitting hairs but I think Shanahan thinking goes like this, we're talking about the NHL here, people are going to get hit and hit hard. It wouldn't be hockey without the physical contact. The Malone hit on Campoli hit is similar to the hit Patrice Bergeron took, they put themselves into a dangerous position. I'm not saying it was Camploi or Bergeron's fault that they got hurt, I'm saying it's a mitigating factor when you're talking about punishment. hdcase
  • Comment on Making new friends in Boston (2011-11-16 11:57:28)
    Nice way to avoid the subject. So, no one wants to leap up and defend Scott Gomez's cheap shot? You have to admit it was far more dangerous than Chara's push to Pacioretty. Well, if you know anything about hockey and aren't a hysterical Canadian. And yes, I have started to lump all Canadians into one large amorphous lump of poor sports and hypocritical whiners. hdcase
  • Comment on Making new friends in Boston (2011-11-16 09:08:08)
    Canadian fans are *so* concerned about illegal hits, I'm just surprised that no one from Canada has ever mention Scott Gomez's hit on Chris Kelly in last year's Stanley Cup playoffs. He shoved him from behind after the play was over and Chris smashed his face into the net, breaking bones in his face. Now that was a dangerous play, the sort of action that should have resulted in a suspension. Where were the Canadian fans then? Hypocrites. hdcase
  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 12:17:53)
    I was wondering if all Canadians have paranoid delusions of vast conspiracies or is it just hockey fans? Is this a common thread in your day to day life? I feel sorry for you saps. I came here to get another viewpoint on hockey and mostly what I read are contradictory ramblings about conspiracies to deprive Montreal of a Stanley Cup. hdcase