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  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-26 12:19:07)
    north american grid :P edited
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-26 11:59:56)
    skilled and speedy ? our small gyus are not fast our big guys have little grit combined with little skill overall as seen on the pp and 1 on 1 offensive moves PlayerSpeed Pass Shot Skill Size Grit Vision Pac + - + - + . . DD - . - . - . + Gally . . . . - + . Briere - . . . - - . Pleks + . . . . . . Gionta . - . - - . - Chucky . + . + + . + Eller . . - . + . . Bourque + . . . + . . Bournival + . . - . . - Prust - . - - . + - Moen - - - - + . -
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday after ‘best game’ of the season (2014-01-13 11:34:56)
    http://youtu.be/_NA_nFI7hu4 that third line would look good with this guy
  • Comment on Parros gets green light from doctors (2013-09-29 12:00:27)
    uh oh, wait till we see: Gorges,Subban Markov,Tinordi Murray,Boullion Pac,DD,Briere Bourque,Pleks,Gio Chuck,Eller,Gally Moen,Prust,DIAZ :P
  • Comment on Habs beat Hurricanes 6-0 in Quebec City (2013-09-21 10:57:14)
    we dont become contenders only by replacing certain vets with younger players. Despite our prospects looking good, i have a hard time thinking that in 2 or 3 years bournival, collberg and pateryn will be better than gionta,briere and markov are right now. Other teams are improving as well. So i think our chances for a playoff run this or next year (gallys still on cheap contracts) are as high or low as in 3 or 4 years. We cant keep all the young prospects anyway. using all of our assets to replace gionta, markov and briere with equal or better top talent will be key.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-28 20:18:33)
    Bourque < AK < Cammy no shot, no passing skills, hands of stone not overly physically
  • Comment on Jets, with Byfuglien, return to Montreal (2012-02-05 09:03:36)
    Not much to argue with your post further down below about JM getting the best out of his players. I just questionend if you can expect players to play that style more than a couple of season. Wether the vets gave up on his style or not, JM's core players Gill,Gionta,Cammy,Pleks,Gomez were outperformed by the young guys plus Cole. How can you expect them to lead and teach the system to Cole, DD,Eller ,Pac with such performances ? Gill to Cole: Eric listen, we dont forecheck, we dont pinch, we all colapse in front of Cary, and please dont move while i pass to you . Cole to Gill: Hey Hall, we cant play killing penalties the whole game just to increase your icetime..
  • Comment on Jets, with Byfuglien, return to Montreal (2012-02-05 06:17:39)
    While the fanbase seems to be on board with playing the youngsters now and selling this year, i think we are still not sure wether we want a long rebuild or want to compete for playoff place next year. Everybody who wants a longer rebuild has to consider trading Pleks and Cole, imo. Cole wont be part of the group down the road. I would try to trade him while his value is high. PS: His value might be lower than we think. He wont fetch a high first rounder. For those trade partners Cole isn´t intresting for the same reasons. I could imagine a team like Dallas or Washington might be willing to part with their mid firstrounders to have a shot at the playoffs. Then we would have to hope that they dont make the playoffs though. Drafting both Sarnia players Yakupov (our pick) and Galchenuk (maybe slip down to 10-12) would be something.
  • Comment on Jets, with Byfuglien, return to Montreal (2012-02-05 06:02:59)
    While i agree with your evaluation about compete level and underperforming vets , i think they are not better on paper then last year. Not very talented the years before, even less talented now. (at least with the injury to gionta) And Bourque vs. Cammy is not a wash talentwise. Bourque brings an important element to the game, but he is not even close the player cammy was the 2 years before. Hell, Michael Ryder could shot with more accuracy than anybody on this team. Same counts for Wisnewski vs. Kaberle /Campoli. The danger of his shot was not replaced We also still lack passing skill and creativity. When AK46 was your best passer last year, you know something is wrong. Gorges coming back also doesn´t help you much with shooting and passing. A healhty Andrei Markov would be different. Execution at the pp is pathetic. No danger of a point shot (Pk can´t seem to hit the net) , no shooting danger at the halfboards (Kovalevs and Cammys position). Afterall i think Jaques Martin got the best out of the group of players he had. But it was a demanding style and the vets somehow give up on it. With Bourque and Cole as Top6 fowards you change the identity of the game but you surely dont increased the skill level. We need time and we have to add talent and skill on this way, now that the size issue was beeing adressed.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-02-02 16:15:01)
    Imagine any team with already limited talent in the last 2 seasons. And imagine if this team would substract hockey talent like Mike Cammallerri, Brian Gionta, James Wisnewski, Scotty Gomez, Tomas Plekanec , Benoit Pouliot and Roman Hamrlik. Even if you would replace them with players like Eric Cole, Rene Bourque, the current versions of Plekanec and Gomez and a couple of rookie defenders you still would have a team that is just not talented enough. - no tape to tape passing, not in the neutral zone , not at the pp - no shooting skills, not at the halfboards , not at the point, not in the slot - no creativeness - a lack of overall hockey sense You cant outwork other teams night in and night out in a 82 long season. The current version of our habs is not good enough to reach the playoffs, even on paper..