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  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 22:25:52)
    And Balej landed us Kovalev. As for Cole's speed, 19 games into the season and I still haven't seen him able to blow down the RW like last year. Great year last year, yes, but power forwards tend to age like milk not wine. Am I convinced it's a great deal? No... but if his season progressed at this pace, there's no way we'd get this return in the summer or coming years. MB sold high, good on 'em.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 22:16:57)
    One thing no one is mentioning is that our boy Ryder is also a right-handed shot. Gonna open up a lot more plays on the PP. Less term, less cap, younger player, better stats, plus a 3rd rounder. Certainly doesn't bring some of the intangibles that Cole did but this looks like a solid trade and provides interesting flexibility in the summer. I like!
  • Comment on Surprising Islanders Mixing Vets and Youth (2010-10-27 19:22:44)

    Good point about Muller being a potential buffer - certainly debatable but cool to consider that perspective.

    As for how good the trade was, it certainly doesn't compare to other Milbury brain cramps, but how could you not say we came out on top? 

    Muller played something like 30 games for the Isles and Turgeon was the early-90s-and-partially-skimmed version of Vinny Lacav.  96 points the year afer he came...that's only second to Damphouse (97 or 98??) in Habs scoring for the past 20 years (and il est francais).  Hindsight shows that the 'C' was too much for him to carry but I'd certainly swap the two again if I had the chance.  As for the original captain K being a better checking line center for Damp and Sak, Keane woulda made Muller redundant if Tremblay wasn't such a hot head.

    Schneider, eh? He certainly had the better career (especially longevity vise) but you can't blame Vlad for wanting to ski instead of rehabbing his knee ;)  IMO something he never recovered from - both physically and image/team wise.  In any case, Malakhov was bait for Souray and...well...after Souray we pretty much came full circle back to Schneider (+1year and a second rounder)... I know, I know, a stretch but certainly not a huge loss for the habs in hindsight.

    Anyways, thanks for the good points and don't be hating on those french superstars ;)

  • Comment on Surprising Islanders Mixing Vets and Youth (2010-10-27 15:50:39)

    As bad as they both are I gotta go with the Luongo trade.

    When he took DiPietro in the draft, the trade boiled down to:

    Leaving NY: Luongo, Jokinen, Heatley (who was projected as #1)

    Coming Back: DiPietro, Kvasha, Parrish.

    Forget about how it looks in hindsight, it was ridiculous at the moment as well!

    That being said, uncle Mike stupidity has been good for the Habs as well.  An aging Kirk Muller and unproven Mat Schneider for Pierre Turgeon (110pts) and Vladamir Malakhov come to mind as a rather nice trade...

  • Comment on Camp … and more (2010-09-14 12:51:11)

    Question:  Seeing Souray's situation, would anyone do a Souray for Hamrlik straight up?  or, seeing the Oil's cap space, maybe unload some addtional salary in the form of AK and Hammer for Souray and prospect/draft pick?

    It would probably help the PP more than MAB did and not hurt as much on D.  We're losing Hammer next season anyway...Also, on most nights, AK might easily be substituted for a Pouliot/Eller/MaxPac/Maxwell.

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 17:28:44)

    I say was all visit his wife's blog (pretty cool btw) and give Sopel and official MTL welcoming.  Love to see him around next year!

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 17:40:25)

    Way to lead the way Rocket!

  • Comment on Halak vs. Blue Jackets, Price vs. Maple Leafs (2008-11-06 17:01:58)
    Guess you didn't catch the Columbus/Oilers game last night. Nash was absolutely outstanding in every aspect - total control of the game.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 16:44:03)
    Definitely valid points. Can't help but think that Jagr coulda garnered the same money and recognition though. Do I think it's a long shot? Yeah, but with what I hear of his competitiveness combined with a pitiful Thrasher's team...stranger things have happened.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 16:02:51)
    Anyone have the feeling Kovalchuk might be the next to take the jump back across the pond? Especially with the way Atlanta's been playing...