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Habs fan since: 1972
Favorite current player: Carey Price and P.K. Subban
All-time favorite player: Mats Naslund

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  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-27 09:47:38)
    Simple solution to the problem; waive or trade Bouillon, Murray, Diaz and play Tinordi, Beaulieu and Pateryn. This will give us more speed, toughness and offence from the backend. Trade Markov for a prospect/forward, trade Gionta and Bourque for 2nd and 3rd rounder and keep Leblanc up. When this is done look forward to next year ! paolo merenda
  • Comment on Bournival expected to take Brière’s spot against Hurricanes (2013-12-31 14:36:54)
    For starters MT has to go ! I will take over and this would be my lineup Galchenyuk Eller Gallagher Pacioretty Descharnais Bourque Bournival Plekanec Leblanc Gionta White Prust Subban Gorges Markov Emelin Diaz Tinordi Gionta line would only get about 7-8 minutes per game on a good night. paolo merenda
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-22 08:55:51)
    Agree 100% with above !! We do not need Plecky on the PP point. paolo merenda
  • Comment on Canadiens wake up in first place despite loss to Islanders (2013-02-22 10:54:33)
    Is it just me or is Gionta the worst player on our team so far this year ? I know he is coming off a major injury from last year but this is ridiculous. Yet MT still plays him regularly. Maybe it is time for a seat! As for our Penalty killing, Diaz and Gorges were over 3:00 on the PK and nobody else was over 1.5 minutes of ice time. In fact Pk received no time on the PK and Diaz again had more time on the ice for the game than PK. I have heard about working a guy into the line up but this is crazy. I love Diaz and even selected him in one of my hockey pools but PK should be the leader from the back end as even Markov looks slower than a turtle out there. We may have over achieved so far this year but maybe a trade involving Markov and Gionta or both could give us the bigger power forward and another quick mobile D-Man. paolo merenda
  • Comment on NHL cancels more games and All-Star Weekend (2012-11-23 14:45:16)
    I am getting tired of these releases by the NHL !! They locked out the players so please stop trying to blame the players for the cancellation of games. I hope they decertify, quickly, and the NHL pays dearly !! In a perfect world the NHL should agree to the last round of squabbling and accept the 393 million or whatever the number is, seeing that Bettman said they are losing 18-20 million per day. Agree and let's move on before the damage is beyond repair!! I am getting tired of this shit and believe it or not I am finding other things to do with my evenings! paolo merenda
  • Comment on Price has a concussion (2012-04-04 14:44:50)
    Shiram, please explain your thoughts on your ridiculous statement !! How are you convinced that Price is awful ? He has done more than expected of him this year considering who he had in front of him ! He will be here for many years and will lead us to the promised land with or without you cheering for him ! paolo merenda
  • Comment on Cammy out for game vs. Habs (2012-03-06 13:43:49)
    On a side note, I will have a chance to fulfill a dream and play against all my idols growing up as I will be suiting up to play against the Montreal Alumni tomorrow night at the MacIntyre Arena in Timmins Ontario !! This will be a night to remember ! Now back to hockey, the Habs hopefully will only play Markov for about 4 of the remaining games as we need that lottery pick more than we need Markov ! The lottery pick will hopefully be with the team for 15 years and be a part of a youthful nucleus going forward ! paolo merenda
  • Comment on HIO at practice (2012-01-30 15:44:30)
    Vladimir Malakhov went skiing while injured !! paolo merenda
  • Comment on UPDATED: Owners approve new alignment for 2012-13 (2011-12-06 09:51:19)
    Maybe we can re-name the get ready for this.... Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Now this would sell the game in the states as they would think it was College Football or College Basketball and than we can have a June Madness tournament where the winning team cuts the mesh off the nets ? If you do this they will come.......wake up, wake what a bad dream ! I dreamt I was Bettman !! Paolo Merenda
  • Comment on Leblanc a nice, round number for Habs – with audio (2011-11-30 10:00:39)
    Book It ! The Habs will make the playoffs as they are actually way better than they are showing ! We have three top D in Markov, Gorges and Subban, we have two power forwards in Cole and Pacioretty, we have defensive players to kill penalties in Plekanec and Eller, we have players who can score in Cammy, Gionta, Plekanec and they have the greatest fans in the world ! They will be there so order your playoff tickets now, book it ! paolo merenda