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  • Comment on TGIF? Not for the Canadiens (2011-09-23 10:11:00)
    Best article in a while Mr Boone! It brought tears to my eyes and dampness in my pants. PK! PK! PK!
  • Comment on Canadiens get a brief respite (2011-09-22 09:42:31)
    Avatar test
  • Comment on Update: Hamrlik says no to Canadiens (2011-06-29 10:00:55)
    I think most people on here underestimate Hamr's contribution to this team. Not only is he a smart veteran and part of the core of leaders, he has been our most trusted D-man over the last 4 years. Let me expand on that - twice he was our second best points for a defenseman and twice 3rd best. Not to mention he has only missed about 15 games over the last for years. I would argue if it wasn't for Hamr the last 2 seasons we wouldn't have seen the playoffs. Now don't get me wrong he is not worth anywhere close to 5 million a season but at a reasonable salary (3M), with just under 20 minutes per game average he will be very valuable this year. It confuses me how most on here would throw this guy out with the bathwater. I thought Habs fans were knowledgeable hockey fans but apparently not.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-28 11:25:17)
    I completely agree with you REB, we needed a big name to attract others. Unfortunately I think we could have gotten Gomez without getting rid of McDonagh. That hurts the most.