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  • Comment on Go Canucks! (2011-05-28 00:03:36)
    Never heard such a bunch of whiners in my life. Who complains about the reffing, losers or Habs fans, which is the same thing!!!!!! SeriousFan09 don't cry yourself to sleep tonight. Hey what are you guys doing next week, ahhh were playing for the Cup. GO BRUINS GO!!!!!!!!! dpg3
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:57:56)
    I'm a Bruins fan who works with mostly Hab fans so I'm glad we won tonight, work will be a lot easier Thursday. Yes the Habs had injuries but I think the Hab fans are forgetting that the Bruins lost their best player in Marc Savard to concussions. It looks like he may never be back. Without Savard we have virtually no powerplay, he was the catalyst for it. So if the Habs get all their players back and we had Savard back, it would make for a very competitive series. So I don't think you can say you lost, just because of the injuries, the Bruins had a very significant injury in Savard. As for reffing, don't you remember, you scored on two 5 on 3s in the sixth game, not to mention a dubious penalty to the Bruins with 3 minutes left in game 6. I think the two teams were very even in the series and as a Bruins fan, I never bought Boston as the favorite in this series. Habs beat us in the season series, so how we were the favorites was beyond me. I know we finished with more points but the season series is more important. I think the series came down to the bounces, whoever got them won the game, we were fortunate to get the last bounce. Great series, two evenly matched teams and as usual my Bruins almost always give me a heart attack!!!!!! dpg3