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  • Comment on The final game of 2010-’11 (2011-04-28 09:46:17)
    Dam Habs....that boring System of no offense came back and got's to the tee times.
  • Comment on The final game of 2010-’11 (2011-04-28 09:38:26)
    I think what cat is saying is...our goalie will be there to back us up, so let's stop just dumping it in and racing back to our D position over and over. He's good enough to make a save, let's go try to get a goal. Man it makes for some boring offense. Just wait back on D and hope to win 2-1 games over and over all year.
  • Comment on The final game of 2010-’11 (2011-04-28 09:34:40)
    They do have a nice "system" of getting a one goal lead and then sitting back and bringing it up and dumping and changing over and over...makes me kind of sleepy. The goals for vs against for the season didn't look too pretty. Ah well, no cup this year. Least can sit back and think of all the ones from back in the day.